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Gracia Clark, Ph.D.
Department of Anthropology
Student Bldg. 334
Ph. 812/855-3866

Prof. Clark's fieldwork is centered in Ghana on matrilineal women traders and the history of gender in the division of labor in the home, market, farm and community politics. She also analyzes how women figure in policy debates over development, population, family values, and other issues, drawing on diverse international feminisms. Her interest in feminist research methodology ranges from her current life history project to participatory surveys.
Julia Heiman, Ph.D.
The Kinsey Institute
Morrison Hall 314
Ph. 812/855-7686
Dr. Julia Heiman has devoted her career to achieving a better understanding of the physiological and emotional dimensions of sexuality. Her research is also concerned with developing successful interventions to help people overcome sexual problems. "I'm interested in how sex fits within other aspects of a person's life, instead of conceiving of it as separate from the other ways people function, think, or feel."
Erick Janssen, Ph.D.
The Kinsey Institute
Morrison Hall 331,
1165 E. Third St.
Ph. 812/856-5393
Prof. Janssen's research focuses on sexual psychophysiology, inhibition and activation of sexual response, high-risk sexual behavior, sexual dysfunction, mood and sexuality, and sex and the Internet.
Sumie Jones, Ph.D.
East Asian Languages and Cultures
Goodbody Hall 248
Ph. 812/855-4694
Prof. Jones' areas of specialty are sexuality and narratology/semiology (word and image and reader response), particularly of the 18th century, both Japanese and Western. She teaches a course on "Sexuality and the Arts" in Comparative Literature.
Noretta Koertge, Ph.D.
History and Philosophy of Science
Goodbody Hall 124
Ph. 812/855-3229
Prof. Koertge's research interests include: methodological issues in sex research, history of sexuality, and topics related to sexual orientation.
Roger Levesque, Ph.D.
Department of Criminal Justice
Sycamore Hall 311
Ph. 812/855-9453
Prof. Levesque's research interests are: how the legal system regulates the period of adolescence, including adolescent sexuality; the social construction of what constitutes maltreatment and sociolegal responses to maltreatment such as child sexual abuse (drawing on human rights law and adopting a cross-cultural perspective); and the development of family policy, especially the intersections between violence, gender, culture, and the law.
Michael Reece, Ph.D., MPH
Center for Sexual Health Promotion
HPER 116
Prof. Reece is the Co-Director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion which conducts sexual health research, provides sexual health education to students and education professionals, and seeks to provide a forum to discuss isslues related to publich health approaches to sexual health.
Jean Robinson, Ph.D.
Department of Political Science
Memorial E127
812/855-3849, 812/855-7230
Prof. Robinson's research related to sexuality is focused on the analysis of debates on abortion policy in France, from 1978 to the present, examining the roles of the state agency for women's rights, feminist groups, and other activists in framing debates on abortion and abortion policy. Other research issues of interest are RU-486, attacks on abortion clinics, and public discussion about health, sexuality, and population issues.
Stephanie Sanders, Ph.D.
Kinsey Institute
Morrison Hall 313
Ph. 812/855-7686
Prof. Sanders' research focuses on sexual behavior and sexual identity, development of sex/gender differences, hormones and sexual behavior, components of sexual arousal, behaviors related to HIV/STI risk, and long-term effects of prenatal hormone and drug exposure on behavioral development.
David H. Smith, Ph.D.
Department of Religious Studies
Sycamore Hall 221
Ph. 812/855-2011
Prof. Smith is interested in the new technologies for reproduction and the genetic advances that they often are yoked with. His mode of work is philosophical or theological; it does not use the methods of the human or bench sciences. He has published on the issues facing genetic counselors and on moral issues associated with cloning, stem cell research, and gene therapy. He also has studied the history of Christian sexual ethics.
Beverly Stoeltje, Ph.D.
Prof. Stoeltje's research has focused on the symbolism and performance of gender in the American West and among the Asante poeple of Ghana. She has published widely on women in rodeo and in American cattle culture more generally, and on Asante Queen Mothers and customary law in Ghana.
Virginia J. Vitzthum, Ph.D.
The Kinsey Institute
Morrison Hall 314
Ph. 812/855-7686
As an evolutionary biologist, Dr. Vitzthum has spent 20 years investigating variations in human female reproductive functioning, with field research to study hormone levels in highland Bolivian women, and nomadic Mongolian herders.
Martin Weinberg, Ph.D.
Department of Sociology
Ballantine Hall 744
Ph. 812/855-7208
Prof. Weinberg's teaching and research interests are the sociological/social psychological aspects of human sexuality and the examination of a wide range of sexual practices from a variety of sociological perspectives. Topical areas of interest include sexual orientation, transgender sexuality, commercial sex, cross-cultural comparisons, and sexual variations.
Colin Williams, Ph.D.
Sociology, IUPUI
Cavanaugh Hall 303
Ph. 317/274-4454
Prof. Williams' major research interest is aspects of sexual preference, broadly defined. He also has done work on prostitution. He teaches "The Sociology of Human Sexuality," which takes a broad social constructionist approach.
William Yarber, H.S.D.
Applied Health Science
HPER Bldg. 142
Ph. 812/855-7974
Prof. Yarber's research focuses on examining HIV/STD risk behavior, particularly among adolescents and rural populations. He also develops and evaluates AIDS/STD prevention education and sexuality education school curricula.

Emeritus Faculty
Paul Gebhard, Ph.D.
Department of Anthropology
Ph. 812/855-1041

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