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PhD Minor in Human Sexuality
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[Course Offerings for Ph.D minor in Human Sexuality]

Current Offerings (Updated Fall 2012)

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(See also Undergraduate Courses with Sexuality Component or Focus)
Required Core Course

(One of the following two courses is required.)

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
H555 Issues in Human Sexuality and Health (3 cr.)
Kinsey Institute
K690 Sexual Science Research Seminar (1-3 cr.) (Spring 2013)
Professor: Erick Janssen

Course Offerings
Anthropology Department
A501: Animal Behavior (Fall)
Professor: Michael Muehlenbein
B600: Human Variation and Anthropology
B600: Behavioral Genetics
Professor: Frederika Kaestle
Applied Health Science
H540: Practicum in College Sex Education
Professor: Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin
H617: Sexual Health Research Seminar
H617: Public Health in Africa
Professor: Michael Reece
C501: Assessment and Planning in Public Health
Professor: Brian Dodge
A501: Techniques in Reproductive Diversity (Fall)
Professor: Ellen Ketterson
Z620: Graduate Seminars (sociosexual behaviors) (Fall)
Professor: James Goodson
Communication & Culture
C622: Advanced Pedagogy (Fall)
C688: Rhetorics of Transgression and Resistance
Professor: Joan Hawkins
C688: Rhetorics of Transgression and Resistance (Spring)
Professor: Phaedra C. Pezzullo
C602: Gender Dimensions of Cultural Production and Criticism (Spring)
Professor: Alexander Doty
East Asian Languages & Cultures:
H637: Gender, Education and Development (spring)
Professor: Heidi Ross
E505: Japanese Fiction and Culture: Modern Japanese Women Writers
Professor: Michiko Suzuki
Fine Arts
A543: History of Twentieth Century Photography (Every other spring: 2012, -14, -16)
Professor: Claude Cookman
Gender Studies
G600: Concepts of Gender (Fall)
Professor: Colin R. Johnson
G701: Representations of Gender and Sexuality in Modern European Culture
Professor: Claudia Breger
G701: Gender, Education, and Development (Fall 2012)
Professor: Heidi Ross
G704: The Cultural Politics of Sexuality in the 20th Century
Professor: Marlon Bailey
P631: Intervention and Evaluation (2013-2014)
Professor: Amy Holtzworth-Munroe
Religious Studies
I580/R382: Women in South Asian Religious Traditions (possibly in 2014)
Professor: Rebecca J. Manring
S522: Constructing Sexuality (Fall)
Professor: Martin S. Weinberg

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Undergraduate Courses with Sexuality Component or Focus

We provide this list as a service to undergraduate students looking for sexuality-focussed classes at Indiana University. These courses are not included in the Ph.D. Minor, unless listed above. Some departments may award graduate credit to graduate students enrolled in undergraduate class - please consult with your department.

Current Undergraduate Course Offerings (PDF)

Last updatedDecember 7, 2012.

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