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[Course Offerings for Ph.D minor in Human Sexuality]

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(See also Undergraduate Courses with Sexuality Component or Focus)
Required Core Course

(One of the following two courses is required.)

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
H555 Issues in Human Sexuality and Health (3 cr.)
Kinsey Institute
K690 Sexual Science Research Seminar (1-3 cr.)

Course Offerings - Fall 2014
American Studies
G 603: Intro to American Studies
Professor: Micol Siegel
Anthropology Department
E621: Food and Culture (Fall)
Professor: Richard Wilk
East Asian Languages & Cultures:
E505: Tale of Genji: Sex, Romance, and Storytelling
Professor: Edith Sarra
E505: The Other: Modern Japanese Literature and Film
Professor: Theresa Kang
L 752: Research in Gender and Sexuality: Sexuality and the Post-World War II Novel
Professor: Terrell Herring
Gender Studies
G700: Sexualized Genders/Gendered Sexualities
Professor: Lamonda Horton-Stallings
G704: The Cultural Politics of Sexuality in the 20th Century
Professor: Marlon Bailey
H 637: Special Topics: Gender and Education
Professor: Heidi Ross
B 608: Family Law
Professor: Steve Sanders
B 691: Family and Children Mediation Clinic
Professor: Amy Applegate
Political Science
Y 657: Comparative Politics: Women in Politics in Comparative Perspective
Professor: Diana O’Brien
661: American Politics: The Politics of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Identity
Professor: Bernard Fraga
Public Health
B 589: Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health
Professor : Michael Reece
H 522: Promoting Women’s Health
Professor : Nancy Ellis
H 555: Issues in Human Sexuality and Health
Professor : William Yarber
E 650: Special Topics in Epidemiology: Developmental Epidemiology
Professor : Mary Waldron
T 602: Seminar in Telecommunications Processes: Media and Sexual Socialization
Professor : Paul Wright

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Undergraduate Courses with Sexuality Component or Focus

We provide this list as a service to undergraduate students looking for sexuality-focussed classes at Indiana University. These courses are not included in the Ph.D. Minor, unless listed above. Some departments may award graduate credit to graduate students enrolled in undergraduate class - please consult with your department.

Current Undergraduate Course Offerings (PDF)

Last updated September 2, 2014.

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