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We hope the CCIES at The Kinsey Institute website becomes a useful destination for your research on sexuality around the World. Should you wish to save a link to the website on your desktop or in a folder, you might find the descriptive icons below useful to distinguish the link from other weblinks/shortcuts that are there. Or you might use them to organize your files or to identify a folder that contains files downloaded from the website. To save them, just right-click over the icon’s image, then select the appropriate action (“save [link] target as...”, etc.) and save it to a place where you can find it. It will be a file ending in .ico. Do not “save image/picture as...,” because that will not be recognized as an icon file. Alternately, today's browsers may open the icon link in a separate window; if that is the case, you may simply click “File, Save [page] as...” from the top menu bar. To use it as an icon (in a Windows environment), open the link’s/folder’s properties, click “Change Icon...,” “Customize [folder, etc....],” as the case may be, then select it from the folder where you saved it or moved it.*  That's all there is to it. Enjoy!



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* We’re checking into their use in a Mac environment.