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Herman B Wells


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Photo by Bill Dellenback

"For me, there really was no question about support of Kinsey's research. I had early made up my mind that a university that bows to the wishes of a person, group or segment of society is not free and that a state university in particular cannot expect to command the support of the public if it is captive to any group. It must be a free agent to deserve the support of all the public..and the only way to keep it free is to be willing to fight when necessary...
Observers of the American academic scene have called Indiana University's winning of its battle to protect Kinsey's Insititute for Sex Research from those would have eliminated it a landmark victory for academic freedom."

Being Lucky: Reminiscences and Reflections, Indiana University Press, 1980. (p.178-179)

Besides his critical role in establishing the Kinsey Institute, Dr. Wells helped to start the "Friends of the Kinsey Institute" and was an honorary member of the Board of Directors of the Kinsey Institute.

Dr. Wells died on Saturday, March 18, at the age of 97.



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