Why KGD?

As an Asian interest sorority, we seek to promote awareness of Asian-American experiences while cultivating a better understanding what it is to be women. Established in 1997, we continue to establish presence on the IUB campus.

Through the events and communy service, the KGD sisters work together to promote the awareness of the various asian cultures there are in the world. With the bonding of sisterhood, our goals remain focused and the sisters consequentially become the closest friends we have in college.


We are an Asian-interest sorority. There are no ethnical or age requirements to rush KGD as an IU student. We pride ourselves in the diversity that we have in our organizations with sisters from all over the world.


We are actively involved in both the Asian community with the Asian Culture Center and Asian Student Union and also as a member of the Multi-Culture Greek Council. We constantly volunteer to help with events both on campus and throughout Bloomington. We are also always doing activities among the sisters that keep us just as close as when we first pledged for KGD.


We do not believe that the bond of sisterhood should be forced through living together under one roof. When we are not living together and see each other on a daily basis, the sisters find themselves wanting to see one another voluntarily. Most sisters end up becoming roommates and living in the same apartment complex or dorm, but these things are done through their choices and friendship that they have rather than required.


At the beginning of each semester, KGD will host a rush week where those who are interested attend to get to know the actives and the organization better. Once you decide to apply to join KGD, you will fill out an application and have an interview with the actives. If we feel that you would be a great addition to our organization and that you get along with the sisters well, you will receive a Bid from us. This marks the beginning of your Pledge Process where you and all the girls, who received Bids at the same time as you did, work together (usually a semester-long) to complete tasks while getting to know each other very well, a smaller scope of what sisterhood would be like if your Pledge Class crosses over.