Indiana University Bloomington

If you are staying on campus for the break . . . . . .

Gee whiz! Not enough cash to make it farther south than Bedford for Spring Break? Well, staying in Bloomington can be pretty sweet when the masses participate in the annual exodus. Those of us who don't fly ATA out of here on vacation, get a preview of the freedom summertime offers. It's great! Freedom, however, has its responsibilities and risks have their consequences. In order to more thoroughly enjoy your Spring Break, whether you're staying in town or just visiting with the folks, consider the following ideas to better protect yourself and your property:



3. YOU

Being informed and aware will increase your ability to make better decisions regarding your personal safety. However, should a criminal incident happen to you, notify the police as soon as you can. If the incident happens on campus, call the Indiana University Police Department at 855-4111, or if urgent, call 9-1-1. If it happens off campus, call the Bloomington Police Department at 339-4477, or if urgent, call 9-1-1. Don't hesitate! Make the call! Remember, each of us takes risks every day. Stack the deck and get the odds in your favor and ask yourself this question: Is the risk worth it? Think about it.