Indiana University Bloomington

Police Academy Benefits

Officers who successfully complete the program receive accreditation from the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board as having completed the basic law enforcement officer's course. In addition, graduates of the University receive a certificate from the IU Police Academy as well as the baccalaureate degree earned by the officer. The graduate then enters the criminal justice employment field in the enviable position of having a college degree, academy training, and actual work experience. Finally, the officer, while working with the Police Department may establish career opportunities and contacts with other agencies.

Graduates of the program hold positions with National agencies such as the FBI, US Secret Service, US Marshal's office, DEA, and ATF. Many state agencies also hire IU Police Academy graduates such as the Indiana State Police, Indianapolis Police Department, LAPD, Columbus PD, Noblesville PD, South Bend PD, Fort Wayne PD, and many other police departments in the state of Indiana and the United States.