Indiana University Bloomington

IUPD Police Academy

The Indiana University Police Department (IUPD) employs 125 full-time sworn police officers. Along with these full-time officers, student part-time police officers and cadets assist with all aspects of public safety at Indiana University. The full-time and student police officers are fully certified as law enforcement officers by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board. These police officers meet the same standards as every law enforcement officer in the State of Indiana.

The Indiana University Police Department comprises over 300 full and part-time employees serving on seven campuses.

The IU Police Department is one of the larger university police organizations in the United States and is among the 12 largest law enforcement organizations in Indiana.

The IU Police Department has developed a satellite academy of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. The IUPD Basic Academy provides a comprehensive and unique law enforcement training program which, when coupled with the University's educational programs, produces a highly qualified, experienced, and educated law enforcement professional.

The cadet-officer program allows full-time Indiana University students to work in a law enforcement agency while pursuing a degree. In addition to gaining law enforcement experience, the student receives accreditation as a state certified law enforcement officer.

Recruiting takes place each year starting in September. Full time students at Indiana University with at least two years remaining in their academic studies and with a minimum accumulative GPA of 2.3. will be considered. Selection will be based on overall qualifications. Students are required to maintain their academic status in good standing throughout the program. To receive an application, contact the Indiana University Police Department.

The Cadet program and the part-time officer program are normally each one year in length. The programs offer education, training and experience, as well as an opportunity to work within the criminal justice system. Though students are normally enrolled in an academic concentration related to criminal justice although any major field of study is acceptable. Academy training and work experiences supplement these academic pursuits. In addition, some academic departments award credit for participation in the program.

Cadets selected in April of each year will attend cadet training in August just prior to the start of the fall semester. Upon successful completion, each cadet will perform those duties that do not require police authority. Hourly wages are paid for formal training schools and for cadet duties during the year.

Cadets may apply for the Officer Program held during the first and second summer sessions after the cadet year. If accepted into the program, the cadets receive all of the law enforcement training required by the State of Indiana. Upon successful completion, the cadets are commissioned as officers with full police authority. They then return to their campuses to continue part-time work, 12-20 hours a week, until graduation.

To create and account and apply for the cadet program go to Jobs@IU. After creating an account search the job category "Temporary/Part Time" and the Location "Bloomington" to find the "Police Cadet, Indiana University Police Department" job posting.