What: Lecture / Workshop: Matt Fransisco, Pervasive Health & Information Technology Lab
When: Thursday, April 17, 5:30-7:30pm
Where: McCalla, Room 102
Parking: Free! No ticketing on the night of the event.

Design choices in medium scale, structurally complex prototype deployments

Presenting the social networking prototype suite for older adults designed by a team of students and faculty from the Pervasive Health and Information Technology (PHIT) Lab during the first half of 2013. The system is currently being deployed in 32 homes in both rural and urban areas of Indiana and the talk will cover the research, design requirements and challenges, and the current system design.

How to use the TLC5940 which we used in two of the prototypes for controlling large amounts of LED's. Participants will receive an overview of the Arduino library, how to read data sheets, check to see if you have enough power for the LED's, and basic information of what you need to know to get the chip working properly.

What to Bring, if you have them
Arduino if you have one, Breadboard if you have one, your own LED's if you have any, Go through the basic Arduino tutorial, Laptops with the Arduino software installed if available.


Jessica Courtney Spiney
Gypsum Powder
3D Color Printer