Welcome to the IU Makes website. This is a new organization created by people from all over IU's campus in order to share events, work produced, and highlight work being made using innovative technologies. We strive to develop a community of sharing, networking, and having fun about the work that we MAKE. This site aims to connect people and give you the details about individuals, organizations, and events happening throughout IU, the city of Bloomington, and the broader community.

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WFIU Radio Interview
Bloomington MakerSpace Network

Building a structure using Squishy Circuits as part of a research about testing electronic kits for their affordances for circuitry learning with children at a local charter school (2014)

Designing an LED lit t-shirt during an e-textiles workshop around the Make2Learn initiative (2013)






We are pleased to announce that our efforts to support making in the community have been heard across both the Bloomington community and IU campus! As such, we are clearly in Phase 2 of the IUMakes initiative!

Phase 2 will involve some exciting new projects, including being present on local and national space planning committees as well as new cross-disciplinary curriculum development, including the creation of a new Maker Minor at both the graduate and undergraduate level (we even have inaugural PhD student starting this year!). With all of these activities underway, we are taking a break from our normal programming to better support the space development and grant writing around these initiatives.

Please expect monthly workshops and other programming to start again in 2015 during Phase 3 of the IUMakes initiative!

Stay tuned for more information!

- Nicole Jacquard, Kylie Peppler, Shaowen Bardzell, and the IUMakes Leadership Team

Ongoing Initiatives & Accomplishments

This past weekend, hopefully many of you were able to make it to the second annual Makevention hosted by BloomingLabs at the Bloomington Convention Center. It was a blast and a great way to get started making and learn more about the vast resources in the region!

Bloomington Project School
The Project School is continuing their MakerCart programming this year, leading the way in maker and fab programming in K-8 nationally!

Monroe County Public Library
The library has two ongoing initiatives, including the Maker Days of Summer, the opening of their new teen digital creativity center, as well as ongoing maker programming. Be sure to pick up a schedule to get started with Arduino, Treehouse, and more!

One of the leaders in making and FabLab efforts within the Bloomington community has a new space! Check it out and join today!

IU Fine Arts Think Tank
The School of Fine Arts is reorganizing new spaces to accommodate new FabLab equipment and is seeing an overhaul of the existing curriculum to include new technologies across all levels of the curriculum.

IU CEWiT Space
The Center of Excellence for Women in Technology (CEWiT) has plans underway to support innovative uses of technology on campus through a hands-on digital lab, interactive displays of new technologies, and shared workspace.

The IU School of Education has plans for a new Fab@School educational space, which they are calling the MILL (Make, Innovate, Learning Lab, which will support teaching and learning with new digital fabrication technologies. Plans are underway to redesign the space in the hopes of it opening in the Spring! More soon!

New FabLab @ IU
On the 5-year plan, there are new plans within School of Informatics and Computing to open a new state of the art FabLab center to coincide with the opening of their new building. Planning is underway to guide the development of this space.

Crane Naval Base
Crane has opened a new youth makerspace in Perry, IN and is launching new educational programming this year.


Middle School Girls
Camp for CAD
ABS Plastic
MakerBot Printer
Chelsey Radabaugh
CNC Router
Interactive Voo Doo Doll
Conductive fabrics, threads, LED, battery
ABS Plastic
MakerBot Printer
Trace Route
Things seen are things as seen
laminated polyvinyl chloride plastic
21"H x 70"W x 70"D 2011
3D Skull
Printing Bed
This presentation is a look at the MakerCart as mobile fab lab, and its potential as a scalable system to be potentially incorporated into any school. - Christian McKay
Claw Prototype 1 - Anna Eilering