Indiana University

The IULC is a student organization at Indiana University aimed to support the activities of graduate students in linguistics and related fields.  Our officers are linguistics grad students who volunteer their time.

We sponsor events such as colloquia, the "ling lunch", department get-togethers (including picnics and potlucks), and a once-or-more-per-semester "Discussion over Doughnuts".  To see what we're doing now, take a look at our calendar.

For linguistics grad students at IU, we also provide many resources, including an annual travel grant; a multi-purpose students-only mailing list; a graduate student conference; and advocacy by officially interfacing with the department, the University, and the GPSO.

The IULC also runs a publication series aimed to advance scholarship in the field of linguistics and the availability of materials to linguists at very low costs.  The small profit we take from the sale of publications is our main source of revenue that sponsors our other activities.