An internship is a strange animal. The learning curve can be overwhelming at first and fitting into the office culture is not always as simple as it sounds. You overcome little mistakes, you get noticed for your work, and eventually (hopefully) become a valuable part of the team. Then, at the moment when everything clicks and you are comfortable, it’s time to say goodbye and move on.

I can’t say enough about how appreciative I am to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Washington Leadership Program this past semester. My internship with the International Rescue Committee was unbelievable and the people that I interacted with we’re truly outstanding. Although I loved my internship, I do realize that not everyone has a positive experience with theirs. However, everyone on the program has walked away with valuable experience and information about themselves. If this internship didn’t work for me, then i would know I need to pursue other types of opportunities.

I would recommend WLP to any student who is serious about learning more about their career choices and more importantly, themselves. I had no prior experience in the nonprofit sector prior to tis fall, but I know now that it is definitely my niche. WLP is a great way to find your niche and I hope that the next group of students will find theirs.