Despite Washington being obsessed with the fiscal cliff, it is nevertheless still the best time of the year. I have always been a Christmas fanatic, but being in Washington D.C. adds even more sparkle to the season. Being a city of many office buildings, the first thing I noticed were the lobbies pulling out all the stops. Promptly on the first workday in December, I arrived to my office being welcomed by a enormous tree covered in presents with matching garland all around. When I went to class that week at the Hudson Insitute, I enjoyed a beautifully decorated tree covered in polar bears. Government buildings also like to share in the spirit, with the Capitol showcasing a 73 foot Engelmann Spruce from Colorado, covered in 10,000 lights. Immediately after I saw the Capitol tree being lit, I went to Union Station, where they had a ceremony to light the 15th annual Norweigen Christmas tree, honoring the strong bonds between Norway and the U.S. The Norweigen embassy even served Glögg (mulled wine) and cookies! The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Christmas Open House has been my most recent holiday activity, but I eagerly await the National Christmas Tree lighting tonight. I have tickets to see the First Family and many perfomers celebrate the beginning of the holidays right outside the White House. Forget the debt crisis, the Christmas spirit is definitely alive and well here in Washington D.C.!