If I could recommend anything to future Washingtonians (no matter if they will be here for a weekend or for the next three years) it would be to break in all of your shoes. On my first day, I wore shoes that I previously thought to be comfortable, but by the end of the day had become my biggest enemy. After my first week on the job, I was deciding what to wear based on the possibility of wearing the least damaging shoes. And let me tell you, this is not an easy task to do when heels are a necessary addition. I quickly learned all of the tricks, and today I will share 3 of the best investments to make before coming to DC  so that you can focus on more than just your bleeding heels during your first few days. (I must admit that these are biased towards women).

1. Nude Tights

Yeah, so they may call to mind images of your grandma, but really our grandmas are on to something. They allow shoes the ability to slide on your foot without rubbing skin, they are excellent band-aid place holders, they are discreet, and in the winter months they keep your legs warm. And I can promise you– you aren’t going to be the only one sporting this trick.

2. Shoe Liner Socks

I swear that if I hadn’t bought these before coming to DC, I would still be hobbling around. Further, you can find them made with lace, nude, and many other colors for all of your shoe needs!

3. Blister Advanced Healing Cushion Band- Aids

Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister, Cushions - 6 ea

Don’t let the long name fool you, these little guys are essential! Let’s face it, you probably won’t be walking in all of your heels for hours to break them in and the occasional blister is inevitbile. When it does occur, these are the best. They not only stay in place, but provide a barrier from the blister to your shoe so it gives it a chance to heel instead of getting progressively worse.


This list is by no means exhaustive, and I know many people will not share my opinions, but without these three little guys, I would be a lot more reliant on ibuprofen, flats, and my rolly desk chair. Good luck to everyone coming to DC and I hope I can help make things a little more comfortable.