President Obama

This was the reason I came to Washington D.C. during the fall of 2012. A few years ago, when I had already wanted to do the Washington Leadership Program, I realized I would be here for the presidential election. I couldn’t believe I would be so lucky to witness history. During the campaign, I recognized the importance of Virginia in voting, so I dedicated some time to helping out. I canvassed the last Saturday before the election, and was lucky enough to travel with a caring middle aged couple to the houses. They supported our President, and we became fast friends because we recognized our similiarties in wanting to make the United States a better place. Later that night I was lucky enough to attend a rally in Bristow, Virginia, where I not only saw Dave Matthews play, but also heard Bill Clinton and Barack Obama speak!

Bill Clinton

It was honestly a life changing experience, where I quickly made friends with like minded people, and soaked in the enthusiasm for change. I listened to the President talk about fighting the status quo, and moving the nation towards a brighter future, and it was so exciting to know that he cared. Everybody at the rally cared, we all came together to represent an overwhelming community of people who want to move America towards progress. No matter who was elected, I have the utmost respect for the President, and through my experience here, I value so much more what they must go through to make us a better nation. I am happy to remain optimistic about American government, and I only hope we can continue to move forward.