This past weekend I was fortunate to enough to have my parents come visit me in Washington, DC.  Knowing that they had never been to DC before I wanted to ensure that they had the best experience possible not only seeing the many landmarks but to also have fun witnessing some of DC’s unique culture.   Once they got off the airplane and dropped off their luggage at the hotel we immediately took the metro to the Capitol Building.  Watching my parents ride the metro for the first time was enough entertainment for my entire weekend.  Once we got to the Capitol another WLP intern met us at Senator Lugar’s Office to take us on our tour of the beautiful Capitol.  My parents absolutely loved all of the art and statues throughout the tour but their favorite thing was seeing the giant Lady Freedom piece in the lobby of the Capitol Visitor Center as seen below.  This statue is the root of my favorite quote, “The sun never sets on freedom!”  After our Capitol visit I took my parents to the local Indiana University bar, Union Pub where we got dinner and caught up on everything that had been going on in our busy lives this fall.

The rest of our weekend consisted of spending a day at Arlington National Cemetery where we were able to witness the historic “Changing of the Guard” and visit the Kennedy gravesites.  Afterward we visited the Lincoln Memorial where both of my parents were completely taken aback by the reflecting pool and Washington Monument.  In summary, the weekend with my parents was more fun that I could have expected and I am so thankful that I was able to spend time with them and help them experience a weekend in Washington, DC.