One of the best things about living in D.C. is that there is always something interesting to do. I’ve been on the tourist type of trip before, seen the monuments and all, but actually living in the city allows for you to explore and see the cool, little things. A few weeks ago the WLP group decided to grab some breakfast after class so we stopped by a place called Ted’s Bulletin. None of us had ever been there before but we were all pleasantly surprised, especially by the home-made poptarts that were to die for. A few days later one of us found a picture of the Commander in Chief himself sitting in the exact same spot we had eaten! It’s those little things that make the D.C. experience a once in a lifetime thing.

We also got the opportunity to go to an IU DC alumni halloween party on a rooftop apartment. There was a view of the capital and most of the city from the top of the building which was unbelievable. If there are two things I have learned so far about WLP it would be that 1) as a Hoosier you are never alone in DC and 2) it’s nearly impossible to be completely bored in this city.

The group on Halloween weekend