As I write, the Office of Personal Management (OPM) has just declared federal government offices in the Washington, D.C. area closed to the public tomorrow in consideration of Hurricane Sandy’s arrival. Growing up in Indiana, I’m no stranger to severe weather. The biggest difference is while here in DC, we have been warned that the storm is coming. This is very much unlike our one hour (if you’re lucky) advance warning for a tornado. So as I write, there’s no sign of bad weather. It’s a beautiful, crisp, fall night here in the District. That’s all to change soon.

The hurricane is the talk of the town. I’ve heard numerous people talking on the streets and in the stores what they are doing to prepare. The storm has been labeled to be “historic” and today I took the appropriate steps to stock up on food and water in case of a long term power outage. The Metro rail and bus have already cancelled their services for tomorrow. Yet, the worse part of the storm isn’t to hit us until Tuesday.

Now it is just a waiting game. Waiting to live through my first hurricane and waiting to see the effects of this “historic” storm.

Sand for Sandy: DC has been proactive in preparing the city for potential flooding.

The eye of the storm is set for DC.