So obviously one of the big perks in living in D.C. is the abundance of “famous people.” I’m not talking about Justin Bieber famous, it’s a different type of celebrity status. These are the celebrities who actually change the way things are done in this country and make history. The biggest celebrities of them all are President Obama and First Lady Michelle. Although I would kill for the chance to see Barack or Michelle, I had to settle for the next best thing…their backyard. Every fall, the White House opens the South Lawn for a Garden Tour, where the public can walk around and see the areas where history has occurred, like the landing grass for Air Force One and the Rose Garden. My favorite part of the “exhibit” was Michelle’s vegetable garden, where has beautiful food growing, setting an example for the rest of our country. As I walked through the areas where dozens of presidents have planted trees, while listening to a Marine Corp. chamber music group, I felt a sense of pride. I was proud that we had maintained such a rich history in our country, and I was proud that as an American, I felt right at home in the White House backyard. And although I didn’t catch a glimpse of the President, I’m in close proximity everyday, and it’s bound to happen.