Today, I had a really great opportunity to speak with some prospective Hoosiers. The event hosted by IU brought high school students and their families to learn more about Indiana University and Bloomington. I love IU, so any chance I get to share my experience and motivate others to get their education at IU is always a pleasure. Another plus to today’s event was it was located in Maryland and it’s always nice to get out of the District — even if it’s only for a couple of hours. However, the Metro is constantly being updated on the weekends so even though I have nothing but praise for the Metro rail system Monday through Friday, the weekend is a very different story. This morning, being Sunday, it can take up to twenty minutes for your train, this can be very frustrating. You just have to make sure you give yourself plenty of time and be prepared to wait. Anyways, we finally made it the venue in Maryland and got to share our IU story and answer questions from parents and students alike. The whole event really made me look at my past three years and all the opportunities I’ve had at IU. From meeting my best friends, to volunteering in Africa, to gaining incredible internships, Indiana University has truly given me all the tools needed to succeed.

Fall has finally reached DC