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2014-2015 Results Sheet

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POLICY DEBATE Tournament Records Outrounds Speaker Awards Wins Over Opponents

Georgia State

Sept 20-22

Smale/Peculis (4-4) [Open]

Gowda/Ferguson (3-5) [Open]

    Michigan, Harvard, Trinity, Georgia, Michigan State

Univ. Kentucky

Oct 4-6

Peculis/Ferguson (2-6)

Tally/Wake-TB (5-1), [JV Tournament]

Gallina/Samford-Le (3-3) [Novice]

*JV Tournament win!

Tally-Wake Swing partner 
2-1 over Miami in Semis to close out with Wake.

  Wayne State, Michigan, Miami, Vanderbilt, Clarion, Michigan State, Wayne State, Navy.
Samford University Oct 17-19 Perry/Samford-Le (1-4) [Novice]     Vanderbilt


Nov 1-3

*First Time at Harvard!

Hoffman/Smale (3-5) [Open]

Ferguson/Peculis (2-6) [Open]


  Trinity, Binghamton, Samford

Butler Tournament

Nov 7-8

Galbreath/Tally (4-2) [JV]

Hoffman/Ferguson (6-0) [Open]

Watkins/Perry (1-4) [Novice]


IU GT Finals
Loss (3-0) 
Univ. Northern Iowa

IU HF Finals Loss (2-1)
MoState BH

Ferguson 3rd Speaker

Hoffman 4th Speaker

Tally 1st [JV]

Galbreath 2nd [JV]

MSU, Wayne State, Butler, Missouri State  

Wake Forest


Hoffman/Ferguson (4-4)

    Capital, Cornell, Trinity, JCCC
Miami Jan 1-5

Peculis/Ferguson (5-5) [Open]

Smale/Hoffman (5-5) [Open]

Tally/Liu (1-9) [JV in Open]

Gallina/Perry (4-3) [Novice]

IU SH Doubles
Loss (3-0)
Georgia DG

IU PF missed on points

  Miami, Florida, Vanderbilt, West Georgia, Dartmouth , Navy, Missouri State, Missouri State, Emory
Hoosier Invite (Indiana)

Smale/Hoffman (4-3) [Open]

Ferguson/Tally (3-4) [JV/Open Team in Open]

Galbreath/Yonter (2-4) [JV in open]

Gallina/Perry (6-1) [Novice]

Watkins/Harding (3-4) [Novice]



SH Doubles 
Win (2-1)
Michigan State

SH Quarters
Loss (0-3)

IU GP eligible to break as 2nd seed in Novice

JV Semifinals
Win (3-0)
Northern Iowa

JV Finals
Loss (0-3)
Wayne State 


Hoffman 7th Open

Smale 8th Open

Galbreath 3rd JV

Michigan State, Northern Iowa, Minnesota, Miami, Wayne State, Florida
Texas-Austin Smale/Ferguson (3-5)     UTD, UNLV, Trinity
NDT Districts Qual

Smale/Ferguson (2-2)

Peculs/Tally (0-4) [JV w/ Open Partner]

FS Missed qual by 1 round
1st Alternative to NDT
  Northwestern, Wayne State

Galbreath/Tally (2-4) [JV]

Gallina/Perry (4-2) [Novice]

GP Octas
Win [2-1]
Liberty DJ

GP Quarters
Loss [0-3]
George Mason
CEDA Nationals Ferguson/Smale (3-5)   Outspoke all 4-4 and several 5-3 teams! Louisville, Texas, Fresno State

2013-2014 Results Sheet

Click on names for pictures of the event.

Wayne State Trophy Vandy TrophyHIT 2014 awards

POLICY DEBATE Tournament Records Outrounds Speaker Awards Wins Over Opponents

Georgia State

Sept 21-23

Smale/Peculis (3-5)

Murphy/Patel (3-5)

Hoffman/Ferguson (2-6)

    Louisville, Georgetown, Georgia, Florida, Emory, KCKCC, and Clarion, Houston.

Wayne State

Sept 27-29

Galbreath/Pilgrim (4-4) (W) Finals JV Pilgrim 1st JV Clarion, Augustana, Wayne State

Univ. Kentucky

Oct 5-7

Murphy/Patel (4-4)

Peculis/Smale (3-5)

Ferguson/Hoffman (1-7)

    James Madison, UT Dallas, Oklahoma, MSU, Georgia State, Binghamton, Lakeland, Central Florida


Nov 1-3

Murphy/Patel (3-3)

Ferguson/Hoffman (3-3)

Smale/Peculis (1-1)*

Novices (1-17) [click for team pics!]

*Smale digitally debated with Peculis while at home in Indiana. Due to illness, Peculis had to debate maverick rounds 3-6, making him ineligible for wins.


Emory DK (AFF) v IU FH (NEG) Loss ( 3-0).

  Emory, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Samford, Wake Forest

Wake Forest/Mountaineer Classic

Nov 16-18

Smale/Peculis (4-4)*

Murphy/Patel (3-5)

Ferguson/Hoffman (3-3)**

Sublette/Chaltraw (1-5)***

*First breakround at a major

**Just missed on speaks

***Second novice tournament!

    Augustana, Arizona State, Gonzaga, James Madison, Kansas U, Cornell, Clarion, Mercer, U Cent. Oklahoma, Southern California, Wyoming

Ferguson-Hoffman (3-4)

Murphy-Carley (3-4)

Peculis-Smale (3-4)

    Texas, MoState, Augustana, Georgia State, Wyoming, Houston
North Texas

Peculis-Smale (4-3)

Ferguson-Hoffman (3-4)

Murphy-Rabbitt (3-4)

IU PS (AFF) vs. Kansas BM (0-3) Jason Russell, Dan Stout, Richard Tews   Wash U, Kansas, K-State, Texas, North Texas, Trinity, JCCC, KCKCC.
Hoosier Invite (Indiana)

Hoffman-Ferguson (4-3)

Smale-Peculis (3-4)

Murphy- Patel (2-5)

JV - Pilgrim-Galbreath (5-1)

Novice - Gomez-Tock (1-4)

IU HF (NEG) vs MSU (AFF) (0-3) Casey Kelly, Brad Meloche, Kelly Young


8th Open

Michigan State, Minnesota, Louisville, Michigan, Wayne, Lakeland College.


POLICY TOURNAMENT Tournament records Outrounds Speaker Awards Wins over opponents
UMKC Kalvakolanu-Peculis (2-4) Fasone-Ingram (4-3) [JV] FI Octas Loss (3-0) Weber SS + +
Vanderbilt Fasone-Rosenbacher (2-3)
Kalvakolanu-Peculis (2-3)
Friend-Galbreath (1-4) [Nov] Hartman-Hessing (1-4) [Nov]
+ + Emory, Louisville, Univ. of Florida
Wake Forest Kalvakolanu-Peculis (1-7)  + + Johnson County CC
Illinois State Fasone-Peculis                  Friend-Galbreath (3-1) [Novice] FG Finals Win (3-0) Michigan + Michigan, Augustana, Lindenwood, Northern Iowa
Univ. Texas Dallas Peculis-McFarland (1-6) + + +
North Texas (swing 2) Peculis-McFarland (2-5) + + +
Hoosier Invitational Peculis-Fasone (2-3))
Friend-Galbreath (5-2) [Nov]
Hartmon-Morton (1-6) [Nov]
IU FG Finals Loss (0-3) John Carroll  + Augustana, Weber, John Caroll, Wayne State, Northern Iowa
Northwestern Peculis-Thomas (3-5)  + + Gonzaga, Concordia, Louisville
NDT Districts Peculis-Fasone (4-3) + + John Carroll, Augustana, 
CEDA Nationals Galbreath-Friend (2-5) Parsian-Peculis (3-5) + + CUNY, Minnesota, Pepperdine, Bard College, US Military Academy


POLICY TOURNAMENT  Tournament Results Outrounds Speaker Awards Wins over opponents
Northern Iowa Taiwo-Fasone (1-5)     Missouri State
Missouri State Taiwo-Fasone (1-6), Ingram-Parroco (4-3) [JV]     Univ. of Kansas, Johnson County CC, Kansas State, Oklahoma
James Madison Taiwo-Fasone (3-3)     Clarion, George Mason, Liberty Univ, 
Wake Forest Fasone-Parroco (1-7) Johnson County CC
Iowa  Taiwo-Parroco (0-6). Fasone-Ingram (4-2      
West. Virg. Novice Nats Ingram-Fasone (4-3) [JV] IU IF Doubles Loss (3-0) Cornell   Newark, Binghamton, CUNY, Army, Illinois State, Concordia, Augustana
PARLI TOURNAMENT Tournament Results Outrounds Speaker Awards Wins over opponents
Mile High pt 1 Owens-Cherney (2-3) Renner-Hennessey (1-4)     Utah, Washington, Puget Sound
Mile High pt 2 Owens-Cherney (2-3) Renner-Hennessey (1-4)      Bellevue, San Diego State, Santa Clara
NPDA Nationals Geairn-Morgan (3-5) Hennessey-Yang (1-7) Renner-Suresh (2-6)     Sterling College,  Southwestern College, Cedarville niv, Whitman, Los Medanos


2010-2011 Results


Tournaments Swing 1 Highlights Swing 2 Highlights Speaker Awards Extra Information
W. Kentucky 5th Place Morgan-Thinath N/A Luke Morgan 9th Speaker  

Open Outrounds: Taiwo-Orizondo & Baradaran-Zeese

JV Semis: Tian-Yang

Open Octas: TO & BZ

JV Semis: Cherney-Geairn

Open: Baradaran 17th

JV: Geairn 4th & Cherney 9th

4th Place (16 teams)
Colorado College Open Outrounds: Cherney-Taiwo & Orizondo-Owens


Defeated Teams from Wheaton, CU-Boulder, and Lewis & Clark

Washburn Doubles: Orizondo-Owens     Defeated 17th team in the country, Wyo ES
NAU/GSL Doubles: Cherney-Taiwo Doubles: Cherney-Taiwo   10 total victories over UCLA, Whitman, Northern Arizona, Nevada, Univ of Utah, Concordia-Irvine, CSU-LA.


Suresh-Owens Semifinals     Owens-Cherney Debate Japanese Travelling debate team. IU was victorious according to an audience debate.

Mile High

      As an individual team Indiana CT is ranked 80th of 640 teams ranked this year.


Cherney-Taiwo 4-4 with breakround loss      


JV Semifinals: Taiwo-Swing Partner, Syed-Parroco First IU Hosted Tournament   Michigan wins the Hoosier invitational
Iowa JV/Novice: Taiwo Wins First Policy Tournament with Minnesota Swing Partner Syed-Parroco Semifinals losing to IU-Minn Swing Team Taiwo First Speaker  
UGA Parroco and Shah finished in the middle of the pack with their accumulated speaker points. A good showing for a Freshmen team      
Kentucky Parroco-Shah win 1/2 rounds in Novice   Nov: Parroco 4th Speaker  
Arizona State Parroco-Shah win 2-4      

2010-2011 News

Sept. 9, 2010 IDS welcomes Indiana Debate back

"In 1994, the team lost support, but a steering committee that included John Graham, dean of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, recently brought it back. The program now calls the School of Public and Environmental Affairs home.

Debate goes way back in my life. I was a debater in high school and also college,” Graham said. “It really influenced me, and I hope that it will also influence others."

Oct 18, 2010 IU Debate Team Helps with IN-09 Congressional Debate!

News Links: Herald Times, IDS


Image Courtesy of IDS Marx Felix



Policy Debate's Return! 2010 A. Craig Baird Invitational at Iowa December 4th-6th

Hawkeye symbol

Hoosier policy debate will attend their first tournament in Iowa against foes representing multiple confrences, including the Big 10. IU policy debaters have spent their fall semester rigurously building a collection of arguments to prepare for future deliberative battelfields. The 2010-2011 college policy topic asks the question of whether the United States should increase the number of American immigration visas. The topic was released at the end of the month of July. College debate teams from around the nation have scoured the libraries stacks and digital databases to predict and write every possible argument. Like a football coach drawing plays on the white board, coaches and debaters engage in thought experiments to produce the best strategic methods for debating either side of the immigration visa debate. Playing catch up this year, IU is now ready to engage our competitors as we begin our season. After Iowa multiple major tournaments have been scheduled at the University of Kentucky, Georgia University, until the season's end at The University of North Texas i mid-march. Indiana will also host their first college tournament in nearly two decades in mid-February. These are exciting times to be a hoosier.




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