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Brian DeLong

Brian L. Shah-DeLong Bio:

Brian is an instructor for the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He received his MA in communication from Wake Forest University. He has thirteen years of policy debate experience. In his high school debate career in Wyoming he was crowned state champion and top speaker and achieved a tenth place ranking at the NFL national tournament. As a college debater he qualified for outrounds at most regular season major national tournaments. He has now coached for high school and college debaters for over eight years. As a graduate student Brian assisted Wake (2008) and Kansas (2009) on their journeys towards winning National Debate Championships. Brian has also worked at summer institutes at Wyoming, Kansas, Wake Forest, and the Arizona Debate Institute.



Chris Vincent




Christopher J. Vincent Bio:

Chris is a senior who is currently finishing up his Bachelor’s Degree in English and Sociology at the University of Louisville. He is a full time debater for the University of Louisville and has been the Director of Debate at Fern Creek Traditional High School for two years. Chris was also a former high school debater where he saw a tremendous amount of success, and has gone on to continue that success as a collegiate debater for the University of Louisville, making it to early elimination rounds at the Cross-Examination Debate Association, and American Debate Association.Iin 2013, Chris made it to the double octafinals of the National Debate Tournament..  As a high school coach, he has consistently qualified students to both CFL and NFL Nationals in Lincoln Douglas and eliminations rounds at several national high school tournaments, including the University of Kentucky’s Ohio Valley Invitational and the Harvard University Tournament. 

Luke Morgan Bio:

Luke was a highly successful Indiana high school public forum debater for Chesterton High school. Luke has since been the director and owner of the nationally purchased public forum brief service, Syke Files. Luke has since debated for Indiana University for two years and is a rising journalism star for the Indiana Daily Student.


Emily Cram



Emily Cram Bio:

Emily Cram is currently a PhD Candidate in the Department of Communication and Culture at Indiana University, where she teaches courses ranging from Public Speaking, Speech Composition, and Persuasion. As a debater for the University of Wyoming, she was a first-round qualifier to the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence and appeared in late out rounds at many national tournaments. As an assistant coach for UW, she coached teams to late out rounds at all major tournaments, including the National Parliamentary Debate Association's National Tournament and NPTE. For two consecutive years, she was voted the most preferred judge at NPTE. She is a former co-director of the Wyoming Forensic Institute. Emily was ahigh school standout Lincoln Douglas debater from the Mountain West Region.



Blake Hallinan

Blake Hallinan Bio:

Blake hails from Kansas State University, where she debated for 3.5 years. Starting with little high school experience, she worked up to competing at major national tournaments and was a two-­-time CEDA nationals double octofinalist. Blake is now pursuing an MA in the department of Communication and Culture, focusing on the intersection of new media technologies and communities.





Adam Abelkop

Adam brings thirteen years of policy debate experience to IU with expertise in the area of research. He debated for four years each at Chattahoochee High School from 1999-2003 and then at Wake Forest University from 2003-2007. Adam earned his law degree in 2010 from the University of Iowa, where he coached policy debate for three years. Adam is currently a PhD student in Public Policy at IU-SPEA. His studies focus on domestic and international energy policy, particularly related to fossil fuel consumption and the climate crisis. Adam has also worked for Al Gore as a research assistant for his new book.


Kyle Vint

Kyle Vint Bio:

Kyle is a PhD student in the Communication department at Iowa University, one of the region's most historic NDT policy debate programs. Kyle has coached several high school teams to regional and national success, including last year's Tournament of Champion policy debate champions. His field of study includes the convergence of scientific and policy related discourses.





Indiana debate team members: Several experienced Indiana debate team members will assist with daily activities of the camp.

Joey Peculis, Bobby Ingram, Warren Fasone,, and more...

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