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Alumni Page: Post WWI

World War I
"During the war it was impossible to maintain the usual activities of the University in forensic circles. It was not until the fall of 1920 that the debating machinery was once more set in motion and renewed interest in debating was manifested. The last time that Indiana University had been represented in an inter-university debate was in 1914-15, when the Indiana team met Ohio State University." (IU Alumni Quarterly Oct 1921 p. 469-71).

Indiana Triangular Debating League (started 1921). Twelve universities: Indiana, Purdue, Notre Dame, Butler, DePauw, Earlham, Franklin, Valparaiso, Indiana Central, North Manchester, Wabash, and Goshen College. (IU Alumni Quarterly Oct 1921 p. 469-71).

"About three weeks before the Christmas Holidays a communication was received from Princeton University asking for a debate on our floor on December 21. This challenge was accepted and the following team was chosen to represent the University: Earl A. Moore, Albert R. Van Cleave, Toner M. Overley, and Arthur L. Miller. Although the time for preparation was very short, everyone connected with the debate went into the work with vim and the team was heartily supported by the entire University. Various members of the faculty gave freely of their time and though to aid the team in its preparation for the conflict with Princeton. About four hundred people turned out to hear the debate. The question dealt with the prohibition of strikes by federal statute. Although the battle was a hard-fought one and the work of the Indiana team, on the negative of the question, was enthusiastically received by the audience, the decision by the judges was unanimously in favor of Princeton. (IU Alumni Quarterly Oct 1921 p. 469-71).

Interesting note: The question was proposed by Princeton and it was Indiana who chose the negative side. (p. 53)

Beulah Radcliffe (alternate):
Up to this time Miss Beulah Radcliffe, alternate, had been the only woman on the intercollegiate squad. It remained for the women to bring the season to a glorious close. Arrangements were completed with the State Universityof Iowa for a single debate on the question of Philippine independence. The Indiana women's team, composed of Beulah Radcliffe, '23, Ruth Stephens, 21, and mildred ricks, '24, journeyed to Iowa city and won, 2 to 1, from their opponents. Our coeds supported the affirmative of the question. (IU Alumni Quarterly Oct 1921 p. 469-71).

Now that the women of the United States—the young 'coeds', have taken up the cause of Philippine independence, the opponents of that muchdiscussed question may as well throw up their hands and resign themselves to the inevitable", says the Philippines Free Press for August 13. An article, "Fair Champions of Phillippine Cause in America", tells of the coed debate with the women of the State University of Iowa last year, and is accompanied by pictures of the debaters—Ruth Stephens, '21, Beulah Radcliffe, '23, and Mildred Ricks, '24, and resumes of their speeches. (Alumni Quarterly, 1922, p. 78)

Tau Kappa Alpha
(IU Alumni Quarterly Oct 1921 p. 469-71).


· Associate Professor Edgar G. Frazier
· Samuel Frank Davidson, English Instructor
· Earl a. Moore, A.M. '21
· Dr. U.G. Weatherly, Economics
· WL Harrington, Graduate of Harvard and new addition to the faculty

Team Members
· President, Raymond Poland.
· Earl A. Moore (Grad Student)
· Albert R. Van Cleave (Captain)
· Toner M. Overley
· Arthur L. Miller
· Leonard Ashley (Captain)
· George E. Armstrong (Medical Student)
· Beulah Radcliffe (Loan Woman Debater)



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