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Indiana University Bloomington

P150 How Things Work

All you every wanted to know about your cell phone! AND MORE!

A cell phone is one of the most sophisticated devices that humans have ever carried around in their pocket.

This course will discuss all aspects of the cell phone, including:

  • A history of telephones leading to modular phones.
  • How the cell network is designed.
  • How does roaming work?
  • What is your ESN, SID, MIN ? And why they are important.
  • How does your phone receive and transmit radio waves?
  • How long is your cell antenna?
  • What is the distribution of cell towers in Bloomington?
  • What is inside your cell phone?

Topics and components (and the physics behind the object) that will be studied include:

  • Speakers
  • Microphones
  • Memory chips
  • RF transmitters and receivers
  • Display screens
  • Cell phone cameras
  • Cell phone ring tones
  • Messaging techniques
  • Digital sound
  • Synthetic speech
  • MP3
  • Jpegs
  • Mpegs
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