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05/07/12 - Teppei Katori, IU grad student alumnus, awarded the 2012 IUPAP C11 Young Scientist Prize

Former IU Ph.D. graduate student, Teppei Katori, has been awarded the 2012 IUPAP C11 Young Scientist Prize for outstanding achievement in particle physics.

Teppei received his Ph.D. at IU in 2008 under the guidance of Rex Tayloe. He was nominated for his outstanding contributions to various accelerator-based neutrino experiments, including his top-cited works studying Lorentz violation.

The prize consists of an IUPAP medal and a monetary award. It will be presented during the 36th International Conference on High Energy Physics in Melbourne in July. Teppei will be giving an invited plenary talk on neutrino Lorentz violation at the conference.

Teppei joins a number of other experimentalists who have won significant acclaim in part for work on Lorentz violation in the SME context. They include:

  • Ron Walsworth (CfA and Harvard), 2005 APS Pipkin Award
  • Mike Tobar (Western Australia), 2006 Boas Medal
  • Michael Romalis (Princeton), 2011 APS Pipkin Award.