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12/16/10 - Does our Universe Live Inside a Wormhole? ScienceNOW highlights work of IU physicist Nikodem Poplawski ScienceNOW's article on Poplawski's research paper was their top story of 2010 and its "most popular story of all time"

12/15/10 - First neutrinos for NOvA prototype detector: The NOvA prototype near detector spotted its first neutrinos from the Fermilab Neutrino Main Injector beam on Dec. 15, see the event reconstruction. The collaboration, with involvement of Profs. Messier (Co-Spokesperson), Musser, Mufson (Astronomy), Urheim, began running the prototype detector in November. The experiment involves sending a beam of neutrinos to a 15,000-ton detector in Ash River, Minnesota. The particles will complete the 500-mile interstate trip in less than three milliseconds. Because neutrinos rarely interact with other matter, they travel straight through the Earth without a tunnel. Scientists will detect a small fraction of the neutrinos in a near-detector at Fermilab and in a larger far-detector in Minnesota looking for signals that the neutrinos are changing from one type to another on their trip.

11/05/10 - IU alumnus Dr. Dan Hussey awarded a Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering. "Awardees are selected for their pursuit of innovative research at the frontiers of science and technology and their commitment to community service as demonstrated through scientific leadership, public education, or community outreach." See the White House Announcement.

09/28/10 - Lorentz invariance goes under the spotlight: Experimental advances, intriguing developments and new results in the search for Lorentz violation were all under discussion at the CPT '10 meeting here in the Physics Department. IU alumnus Neil Russel reports.

08/26/10 -IU physics facility awarded $5 million for cooperative neutron research. A recently awarded NIST grant provides close to $1 million a year for five years to support cooperative research activities between the Low Energy Neutron Source (LENS) at IU Bloomington and NIST's National Center for Neutron Research, located in Gaithersburg, Md...[IU News Room].

Young Jin Kim

Young Jin Kim and Conference Chair and Deputy Science Division Head Prof. Jennings

08/13/10 - Young Jin Kim has won first prize from among 400 posters for her poster presentation on a solid state electron EDM measurements at the International Nuclear Physics Conference. [INCP2010]

08/12/10 - Not your average telescope: Prof. Musser's balloon flight in the Antarctic... [IDS]

07/23/10 - MiniBooNE uses neutrinos to shed light on nuclear physics: Most of the time, MiniBooNE studies the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations, how neutrinos change from one type into another over a distance... [Fermilab Today: Special Result of the Week]

07/21/10 - Physics undergrad Chris Faesi has been recognized by the Society of Physics Students (SPS) of the American Institute of Physics as one of the SPS 2010 Top Leadership Awardees for his outstanding academic performance and high level of activity in our undergraduate Physics Club SPS chapter.

06/24/10 - IU scientists in two collaborations see evidence that rules of particle physics may need a rewrite: Two separate collaborations involving Indiana University scientists have reported new results suggesting unexpected differences between neutrinos and their antiparticle brethren. These results could set the stage for what one IU physicist calls a "radical modification of our understanding of particle physics."... [IU News Room]

06/20/10 - The MiniBooNE experiment at FNAL (Prof. Tayloe) has found that antineutrinos, which should follow the same rules as neutrinos, might oscillate in a slightly different way. The results seem to favor a much-debated antineutrino result obtained by the Liquid Scintillator Neutrino Detector experiment in 1990... [Fermilab Today]

06/17/10 - New measurements from Fermilab's MINOS experiment suggest a difference in a key property of neutrinos and antineutrinos (Profs. Messier, Musser, Urheim): Scientists of the MINOS experiment at the Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator laboratory announced the world’s most precise measurement to date of the parameters that govern antineutrino oscillations...[Fermilab Press Room]

06/14/10 Improving accuracy by leaps and unbounds: New analyses suggest strategies by which biological sensors may be able to measure changes in concentrations of chemical signaling molecules more accurately, but does this reflect what actually happens in nature? (Prof. Setayeshgar)... [Physics: Viewpoints]

05/20/10 - IU physicists, in DZero Collaboration, announce evidence of matter-antimatter imbalance... [IU News Room]

05/19/10 - Looking for critical behavior in graphene: IU Professor Herb Fertig, grad student Jianhui Wang, and Professor Ganpathy Murthy at the University of Kentucky, to develop an analytical calculation that could shed some light on the way that graphene behaves.... []

05/18/10 - From National Center for Supercomputers Applications, Behind Blue Waters: IU professor Steve Gottlieb discussing how researchers are preparing to use the Blue Waters supercomputer to better understand the fundamental building blocks of our world—quarks and gluons.... [NCSA]

05/06/10 - Astronomy & Physics (& Biology!) major Jennifer Kulow excels both in class and on the track: Hitting the track and the books... [IU News Room]

04/28/10 - Physics Dept. alumnus Joseph Hamilton (Ph.D. 1958) co-discovers the new element 117 on the way to the 'island of stability'... [Facts on File]

04/13/10 - First-year graduate student Dan Salvat has been awarded a prestigious new DoE Graduate Fellowship in Science as part of Recovery Act Funding... [U.S. Department of Energy]

04/07/10 - Our universe at home within a larger universe? Could our universe be located within the interior of a wormhole which itself is part of a black hole that lies within a much larger universe? Such a scenario in which the universe is born from inside a wormhole (also called an Einstein-Rosen Bridge) is suggested in a paper from Indiana Univ. theoretical physicist Nikodem Poplawski in Physics Letters B. ... [Science]   [R&D Magazine]   [IU News Room]

04/05/10 - IUB Goldwater Scholars: Setting a record for the university, four Indiana University Bloomington undergraduates have been selected to receive Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships this year. Physics students Jennifer Kulow and Christopher Faesi, along with physics minor Carlo Angiuli are among the reciepients.... [IU News Room]

03/30/10 - IU celebrates role in physics milestone: The second floor of Swain Hall West was a scene of celebration Tuesday morning. Non-alcoholic champagne flowed as a TV played coverage of a scientific milestone: beams of protons collided together at energy levels of 7 trillion electron volts at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, three times the previous best. While the breakthrough resulted from the efforts of thousands of scientists across the globe, IU physicists played significant roles in the collider’s creation... [IDS] | [IU News Room]

03/11/10 - Cryogenic electron emission phenomenon investigated by Prof. Hans-Otto Meyer has no known physics explanation: At very cold temperatures, in the absence of light, a photomultiplier will spontaneously emit single electrons. The phenomenon, which is called "cryogenic electron emission," was first observed nearly 50 years ago.... []

03/05/10 - IU physicist's idea puts women in control at CERN: Thanks to a successful proposal made by Indiana University senior research scientist Pauline Gagnon, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) on Monday (March 8) will mark International Women's Day by staffing all control rooms of the world's largest physics laboratory with women.... [IU News Room]

03/03/10 - Accelerator school travels university circuit : Indiana University offers a master’s degree in accelerator science based on USPAS courses plus a thesis; eight people have completed the program since it was started in 1996. It is designed for people in the national labs and industry, says former USPAS director Shyh-Yuan Lee, who sends all of his Indiana students to USPAS courses. “There are many technicians who have only engineering degrees. If they would know a little beam physics or technology, they could become very innovative. Hopefully they get promoted and get better pay. We want people who have drive to do something, not see their work as just a nine-to-five job.”... [Physics Today]

03/01/10 - Haven't you always wanted to get back at your teacher for the mountains of homework and excruciatingly painful exams? Well this is your chance! The IU undergraduate physics club is celebrating Pi Day (typically celebrated on March 14th at 1:59pm) a bit early this year (Wednesday, March 10) and giving you the opportunity to throw pies at your professors! The physics club will be auctioning off whipped cream pies and the highest bidder will have the chance to pie their favorite professor in the face! Professors will also be able to join in on the fun because they will also have a chance to bid on pies to throw at other faculty members. Bring your classmates and bring your friends to celebrate your favorite transcendental number in Swain West 119 at 5:30pm following the physics department colloquium Wednesday, March 10..... [Physics Club]

02/17/10 - First bounds on the Higgs boson from hadron colliders: The D0 (with participation from IUB Physics) and CDF collaborations at the Fermilab Tevatron collider have published first results of searches for the Higgs boson, excluding parts of the otherwise allowed mass range.... [Physics: Viewpoints]

01/21/10 - The Massive, the Minute: Imagine waking up to a world with only women and no men, cats and no dogs, black and no white. This is the reality for experimental physicists. Their problem is simple: Almost half the universe is missing.... [IDS]

1/12/10 - New physics center, leadership announced for IU Cyclotron Facility: Indiana University announced a restructuring at its IU Cyclotron Facility that creates a new physics research center and moves operational responsibility for the cyclotron to the Indiana University School of Medicine.... [IU News Room]