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11/25/08 - Prof. Chuck Horowitz of the Department of Physics has been elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society "For seminal and sustained contributions to relativistic descriptions of nuclei, nuclear reactions, and dense matter." Each nomination is evaluated by the Fellowship committee of the appropriate APS division, topical group or forum. After review by the APS Fellowship Committee, the successful candidates are elected by APS Council. Typically only one half of one percent of the APS membership is selected each year so that Fellowship is a distinct honor signifying recognition of sustained excellence in the field by one's professional peers. Further information can be found at:

11/02/08 - Memorial Symposium in honor of Prof. Andrzej Zieminski, 2:00-5:00 p.m. in Swain West 238.

The program schedule:

  • Welcome from Department - Rick Vankooten
  • Introduction and overview of program - Harold Ogren
  • Early Years - Henry Lubatti
  • Fermilab - Alex Dzierba
  • Early D0 - Dave Hedin
  • D0 later years - Rick Jesik
  • Mentoring - Chip Stewart
  • Andzej's Passions - Steve Gottlieb
Videoconference by EVO
Reception to follow at the University Club at the Indiana Memorial Union from 5:00 - 7:00.

10/30/08 - Pictures from the 2008 Open House - IU News Room

10/16/08 - NIH to give IU $2.7 million to explain how embryos take their shape - IU News Room

10/15/08 - Einstein's relativity survives neutrino test - IU News Room

10/14/08 - Make Undergrad Academic Advising appointments online

10/13/08 - Dozens of hands-on exhibits at this year's Physics and Astronomy Open House - IU News Room

9/27/08 - In memoriam: Malcolm H. Macfarlane, May 22, 1933 - September 26, 2008

9/15/08 - From corn to CERN: One Hoosier's on-deck account of the Large Hadron Collider test run. [IDS NEWS]

9/11/08 - Read more about the start-up of the Large Hadron Collider & IU Involvement:

9/10/08 - WonderLab Named Top Science Center by Parents magazine! Prof. Catherine Olmer is executive director of WonderLab, which has been named one of the top 20 science centers in the country by Parents magazine. - Press Release

9/1/08 - Congratulations to graduate student Emilio Cobanera for being the first recipient of the Leo M. Falicov Fellowship in Theoretical Physics

8/22/08 - Jason Gardner of the NIST Center for Neutron Research and Indiana University Department of Physics has been appointed Fellow in the Institute of Physics, UK: "for his outstanding contributions to our understanding of the spin dynamics and magnetic order in complex magnetic systems by means of neutron scattering and contributions to the IOP journals."

6/23/08 - 70 years later, IU Cyclotron works to save lives - IU News Room

5/20/08 - IU Physicists to get their "glue-on" - IU News Room

4/23/08 - Physics (and exercise science) major Alexander Brunfeldt wins a Scholastic Achievement Award. Alex, who is a senior on the IU Mens Swimming and diving team, received this award from the IU athletic department for maintaining the highest GPA on the team.

4/3/08 - John Beggs receives one of the annual Student Choice Awards. Each year the Student Alumni Association presents the Student Choice Awards in honor of Indiana University's most outstanding faculty. All IU students are eligible to nominate their favorite professor and then invited to vote for candidates for this prestigious award. Only 4 - 5 faculty are chosen each year to receive this award. More information.

3/26/08 - The American Physical Society has awarded several faculty members in our Department as APS “Outstanding Referees”:

This is the first year of this very selective award, and only 534 out of 42,000 active referees have been chosen. The awardees chosen are truly exceptional in their contributions to the physics community by their hard work and careful attention to the peer review process.

The complete list of 534 awardees and other information about the award can be found at These awards are worldwide, and as can be seen from the above website, very few other institutes have as many recipients as IU (those with the same number being MIT, MSU, Princeton, Stony Brook, Illinois, Maryland, UT Austin, and Washington).

A press release is available.

2/7/08 - Paul Sokol has received a $932,721 from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency to explore Advanced Neutron Radiography Concepts at IUCF...(more)

01/23/08 - Prof. Sima Setayeshgar received an Outstanding Junior Faculty Award to help support research in cellular biophysics (information-theoretic approaches to biochemical signal processing by a single cell).

01/22/08 - Renaissance Man and Indiana University Cyclotron Facility Interim Director Jim Musser combines a career of particle physics with his life-long love of playing piano and guitars he built by hand. (more)

01/13/08 - Software grant could speed medicinal regeneration technologies: Regenerative medicine -- as in re-growing human limbs -- sounds like the basis for a Hollywood action movie. But a research group at Indiana University Bloomington led by biophysicist James Glazier will soon provide the scientific community with a new tool to help bring futuristic medical technologies to real-world laboratories.

01/09/08 - Physics Grad Student Brian Page selected as "Lindau Laureate". Since 1951, Nobel Laureates in chemistry, physics, and physiology/medicine convene annually in Lindau, Germany, to have open and informal meetings with students and young researchers. The 2008 meeting will be will focus on physics.The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science, the National Science Foundation (NSF) Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences, and Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) are honored to have been invited to bring groups of top young researchers to the 2008 meeting. The DOE/NSF delegation consists of U.S. doctoral students whose current research at their universities is funded by one of the sponsoring agencies. These students will travel to Lindau to participate in discussions with the Nobel Laureates, as well as other graduate students and junior researchers from around the world. Graduate student Brian Page of the Dept. of Physics who does research with Dr. Sowinski at IUCF has been selected to receive a scholarship to attend the meeting as a "Lindau Laureate".