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News Archive » News from 2006

10/27/06 - GlueX in the news

10/9/06 - Check out pictures and streaming video from the 2006 Physics and Astronomy Open House.

8/22/06 - Once again, the Physics and Astronomy community at Indiana University invite you to our annual Open House on Saturday, October 7th from 9:00am to 2:30pm.

7/24/06 - The 18th National Nuclear Physics Summer School will take place from July 23 to August 5, 2006.

5/16/06 - The department congratulates Professor Steve Gottlieb of the High Energy Theory group for his appointment to the editorial board of Computing in Science & Engineering, co-published by  the American Institute of Physics and  the IEEE Computer Society.

4/27/06 - The department congratulates Professor Chen-Yu Liu for receiving the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Achievement Award from Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU).

4/20/06 - Congratulations to Robert Koffie and Elizabeth Adams. Robert and Elizabeth have been named Goldwater Scholars for the 2006-07 academic year. Elizabeth is an astronomy/astrophysics and mathematics major, while Robert is a physics and biochemistry major. They are two of the five students in the state of Indiana to win this national scholarship award.

4/2/06 - Founders Day. Congratulations to Physics faculty members Alan Kostelecky and Catherine Olmer. Dr. Kostelecky was elevated to the rank of Distinguished Professor and Dr. Olmer was honored with The W. George Pinnell Award for Outstanding Service. [IU Press release]

3/30/06 - MINOS experiment sheds light on mysterious neutrinos. An international collaboration of scientists at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory announced the first results of a new experiment on very light particles called neutrinos. The results are consistent with an effect known as neutrino oscillation, in which neutrinos change from one kind to another as they move. A team of Indiana University scientists participated in the experiment. Neutrinos are the least understood of all the fundamental particles, despite being among the most abundant particles in the universe. The total mass of all neutrinos may equal the mass of all visible matter -- such as the stars and planets -- in the universe today, affecting the evolution of the largest structures of the universe. [IU press release] [FNAL press release]

3/15/06 - The members of the editorial board of Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics recently nominated "Implications of current constraints on parton charge symmetry", co-authored by physics faculty member Dr. Tim Londergan, for inclusion in the 'Research Highlights' of 2005.

2/3/06 - Streaming video of the The Sixteenth Public Joseph and Sophia Konopinski Memorial Lecture in Physics is available. You must have RealPlayer installed. [ Tape 1 ] [ Tape 2 ]

2/23/06 - The IU Physics Department would like to congratulate faculty member Roger Pynn for his recent election as President of the Neutron Scattering Society of America.  The NSSA is the primary organizing body in the US for the community of scientists working in the field of neutron scattering, with over 1000 members from 26 countries.  Professor Pynn joined our faculty this fall from Los Alamos National Laboratory. 

1/24/06 - Professor Catherine Olmer has been selected to receive the W. George Pinnell Award for Outstanding Service. The award will be presented during the Founders Day Ceremony on April 2 in Assembly Hall.

1/17/06 - The Sixteenth Public Joseph & Sophia Konopinski Memorial Lecture in Physics presents Dr. Frank Wilczek from MIT on Tuesday, January 17th, at 7:30 PM at the Whittenberger Auditorium, Indiana Memorial Union. Open reception at the IMU University Club to follow.

1/9/06 - Classes begin. Spring 2006 tutor list is up.