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News Archive » News from 2005

10/25/05 - . Recently four students in the new Applied Physics Program at IU Bloomington received co-op intern offers from Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center. The students were among the first to enroll in the program, which is designed for undergraduate physics majors who want to move on to jobs in industry or laboratories after graduation instead of going on to graduate studies, the more traditional path. Full Story

10/24/05 - IUCF Director Emeritus, Dr. John Cameron, receives Distinguished Faculty Award. Full Story

10/3/05 - Read about the new Applied Physics program in The Herald-Times.

10/3/05 - Dr. SY Lee has been awarded a Humboldt Research Award, given annually by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for lifetime achievement. [ARTICLE]

9/28/05: Join the Science Olympiad Club, and help with events on campus as well as around the state. This year the National Science Olympiad Tournament returns to IU after 11 years. There are many opportunities to help out and work with professors and educators across the country, as well as plan games and fun! If you have any questions please contact Caiti at or Martin at

9/28/05: The Physics and Astronomy Open House is October 1st from 9am to 2:30pm. Come by for special demonstrations, tours and hands-on activities.

9/21/05: On Friday, September 30, we will roll out our Applied Physics Program with a Workshop to be held from 1:30 to 2:30 pm at the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility. We hope you will join us. Check out the agenda.

8/29/05: The Physics Department welcomes four new faculty members.

5/15/05: The Manhattan Project during World War II involved many scientists, but perhaps none was closer to the bomb dropped on Hiroshima than the late Lawrence Langer, a former professor of physics at Indiana University. Langer slept on top of the bomb the night before it was dropped. Full Story

5/2/05 - The treeless dissertation (IU Homepages, April 22). The University Graduate School now accepts electronic submission of dissertations. By next spring, paper copies will no longer be accepted.

4/28/05 - MINOS in the news. NYT: Tiny, Plentiful and Really Hard to Catch (free subscription required)

4/26/05 - What do you get when you heat an ordinary atomic nucleus to temperatures high enough to melt the neutrons and protons inside it -- temperatures reached during the first microseconds following the Big Bang birth of the universe? You get a new state of matter, a mix of quarks and gluons that is one of the most nearly perfect liquids ever observed.   IU Press Release

3/28/05 - Dr. SY Lee has been awarded a Humboldt Research Award, given annually by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for lifetime achievement.

3/25/05 - "Light as we know it may be a direct result of small violations of relativity, according to new research by IU physicist Alan Kostelecky. In discussing the work, Kostelecky described light as 'a shimmering of ever present vectors in empty space' and compared it to waves propagating across a field of grain." - IU Press Release.

3/21/05 - Graduate student Sara Breitzmann has been selected as one of 40 graduate students in the US to attend a meeting of Nobel Prize Laureates in Lindau, Germany. More details here.

3/1/05 - Memory And Critical Avalanches In The Brain, (Physics News Update, Number 719 #1, February 10) reviews the research being done by Dr. John Beggs and undergraduate Clayton Haldeman.

2/21/05 - IU Selected as a Tier 2 Center for the Atlas Project.

2/3/05 - Dr. Cathy Olmer has been awarded a Distinguished Service Award by the University. Cathy's was one of two of these awards to IUB faculty this year, and honors her many service contributions to the IUB campus and the city of Bloomington.

1/26/05 - Brain “avalanches” may help store memories: Neurochemicals might someday improve life for people with memory problems.

1/16/05 - Don Freund, I.U. School of Music, will premiere his recent composition - Exotic Particles and the Confinement of Quarks: A Subatomic Fantasy for Wind Ensemble - inspired by a lecture given by Alex Dzierba on GlueX.  The event will take place on Feb 15 at the Musical Arts Center .  The IU Wind Ensemble will be conducted by Ray Cramer.