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News Archive » News from 2003

12/18/03 - Ed Stephenson's work makes the Discover Magazine's top 100 stories for 2003! It is number 49 on their list. [January 4, 2004 issue Discover Magazine ] [January 16, 2004 issue IU Home Pages]

12/12/03 - Better late than never! Catherine Olmer is a faculty member of excellence.

12/5/03 - Current issue of "Physics Forum" is now available. Also we have included additional material consisting of stories that were not published in this issue due to space constraints.

11/13/03 - GlueX/Hall D project included in the DOE's 20-year plan [click here for full story]

10/7/03 - Neutron-scattering project receives $6.4 million in funding [click here for full story]

9/23/03 - Check here for information about the annual Physics and Astronomy Department Open House held Saturday, October 4th from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.!

6/2/03 - IU Physicists Try To Unlock Universe's Secrets, news about the ATLAS Experiment.

5/23/03 - Over the summer we will be testing a new series of seminars on Nanomaterials and Molecular Materials, please see the Departmental Seminar List for more information.

4/15/03 - Londergan named director of Wells Scholars Program [click here for more information]

4/11/03 - The Monitor, April 11, 2003: Special Issue for Windows Users

4/10/03 - IU scientists first to detect rare nuclear fusion violating charge symmetry [click here for more information]