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Holiday Hours: All academic/administrative/clerical offices in the Department of Physics will be closed Monday, December 24th through Tuesday, January 1st. They are scheduled to reopen at 8 a.m., Wednesday, January 2nd.


Jeff Gunter (Ph.D. 1998) currently at the Mayo Clinic has been given the task of coordinating analysis of MRI brain images of Alzheimer patients collected over a number of years to look for patterns. This fits in with his work in Partial Wave Analysis.


Todd Peterson (Ph.D. 2000) currently at the University of Arizona has been awarded one of the prestigious Burroughs-Wellcome Fund Career Awards at the Scientific Interface.  These awards are intended to provide bridging support ($538K over 5 years) for individuals trained in the physical or computational sciences now entering biological sciences. "Applicants are expected to draw from their training in a scientific field other than biology to propose innovative approaches to answer important questions in the biological sciences."  I believe there were 15 awarded nationally this year.  They are intended for the final two years of post-doctoral research and the first three years in a tenure-track faculty position.  Todd's proposal is centered about the development of miniaturized solid-state detector systems for in vivo medical imaging.

LENS Workshop at IUCF November 16-17, 2001. For more information please go to