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Indiana University Bloomington

Jon Urheim

Jon Urheim Professor
High Energy Physics (Experimental)

B.S., MIT, 1984.
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1990.
Postdoctoral Positions: Sr. Research Fellow, Caltech, 1993-1999. Millikan
Research Fellow, Caltech, 1990-1993.

Phone: Swain West 304 (812)855-4178
Email: urheim at

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Experimental particle physics

  • flavor physics and the weak interaction physics of heavy quarks and leptons:
    • neutrino oscillations,
    • quark flavor mixing,
    • CP violation in quark and neutrino sectors
    • tau lepton physics
    • tests of quark and lepton universality
  • strong interaction physics of hadrons:
    • spectroscopy and dynamics of light and heavy mesons
  • searches for non-Standard Model physics via rare processes

Selected Publications

  • "Observation of muon neutrino disappearance with the MINOS detectors and the NuMI neutrino beam," D. G. Michael et al. (MINOS Collaboration), Physical Review Letters 97, 191801 (2006).
  • "Observation of a narrow resonance of mass 2.46 GeV decaying to Ds*+ pi0 and confirmation of the DsJ*(2317) state",D. Besson et al. (CLEO Collaboration), Physical Review D 68 (2003), 032002.
  • "Hadronic Structure in the Decay tau- -> pi- pi0 nu", S. Anderson et al. (CLEO Collaboration), Physical Review D 61 (2000), 112002.
  • "Hadronic structure in the decay tau- -> nu pi- pi0 pi0,and the sign of the Tau Neutrino helicity", D. Asner et al. (CLEO Collaboration), Physical Review D 61 (2000), 012002.