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HHC News

Two HHC Students Receive Goldwater Scholarships. Details.

Four HHC Students Selected as Undergraduate Presidential Interns by IU President Michael A. McRobbie. Details.

Wells Scholar and HHC student Morgan Mohr named Rhodes Scholar. Details.

Learn about the Shirey Art Collection at the HHC.

Campus & Other Announcements

We are looking forward to presenting a series of programs on the theme “Many Worlds, One Globe” as part of the HHC's continuing celebration of its 50th Anniversary and in anticipation of the IU Bicentennial in 2020. Additional programming will speak to the wide range of student interests.

Coming soon…

TEDxIndianaUniversity Salon: The Virtue of Empathy

Join TEDxIndianaUniversity and Professor Fritz Lieber for a night of discussion about empathy and its role in our lives. Having taught courses on empathy, happiness, and even walking, Fritz Lieber is an IU legend. The evening will start with a screening of Sam Richard's talk from TEDxPennStateUniversity on using empathy to understand international conflict. Dr. Lieber will then lead us in discussion as we think about the role of empathy in our lives and culture.
Sign up required.

Ethics for Breakfast:
Who Owns Cultural Heritage?

Who gets to decide what defines cultural heritage, and whether it is universal or not? Why have some objects, like the Elgin marbles or the bust of Nefertiti, become focal points for debates about repatriation while others have not? What are the arguments for and against repatriation? How open should museums be about the provenance of their collections? What is at stake for them? Come for coffee, a croissant, and a discussion led by Margaret Graves, associate professor in the Department of Art History.
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December Coffee Hour

Join us for free coffee and a chance to learn from and share with your peers! Drop in any time to ask your questions and share your advice. Student leaders and Hutton advisors will also be on hand to answer questions and provide guidance. At the final coffee hour of the semester, we will discuss stress and time management, tips for effective note taking, and IU resources to help you finish the semester strong!
Free and open to all undergraduates.

Paint Out Your Stress!

Are you stressed about finals? That one last paper or presentation? You can relieve your stress by finger painting! Come to the HHC Great Room to paint out all your worries! Stay the whole time or come and go as you please. Materials and refreshments will be provided.
Free and open to all undergraduates.

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