Regional Support Sites

Throughout the state, there are fourteen Regional Twenty-first Century Scholar Support sites that are charged with recruiting eligible 7th and 8th grade students into the program and supporting them in high school. Each Regional Support site has a home territory comprised of various counties that it serves. Below is a listing of the support programs and services available to Twenty-first Century Scholars and their families through the regional support sites.

How to Enroll

One of the main duties of each Regional Support site is to enroll eligible students into the Twenty-first Century Scholars Program. Individual support sites are given flexibility to develop their own strategies and events for enrolling Scholars, but a few common strategies include presentations to entire 7th and 8th grade classes, individual meetings with students already enrolled in the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program, recruitment mailings, phone calls, and public meetings. Each Regional Support site works closely with the school corporations in its area to develop strategies designed to enroll as many new Scholars as possible. If you decide to use the online enrollment form or if you need help filling out the paper form, your Regional Office has experts on hand to answer all your application questions and lead you through the process.

Pledge Ceremonies

Each regional site hosts a series of “Pledge Ceremonies” throughout the school year. New Scholars and their parents are invited to these ceremonies where school and civic leaders ask new Scholars to repeat the Twenty-first Century Scholar’s Pledge. These ceremonies verbally reinforce the written pledge that all Scholars signed in order to enroll in the program, and help build a sense of community among Scholars and their families.

College Prep Workshops

Each Regional Twenty-first Century Scholar office hosts a series of workshops designed to help Scholars prepare and ultimately enroll in college. Workshop topics can vary from understanding financial aid & how to apply to college to registering for the SAT and ACT. Check with your Regional Office for a complete list of upcoming workshops in your area.

Parent Meetings

Parents play a big role in the academic success of their children. With this in mind, each Regional Twenty-first Century Scholars Office holds a series of parent meetings throughout the academic year. These meetings are aimed at giving parents information and resources to help their child succeed in high school and ultimately transition into college.

Scholar Days & College Tours

Twenty-first Century Scholars and their parents will have an opportunity to go on sponsored college visits. For Scholar Day events, Twenty-first Century Scholars and parents from across the state are invited to visit a specific college. Indiana University, Purdue University, Ball State University, Indiana State University, and Vincennes University all sponsor Scholar Day events. College admissions personnel roll out the red carpet for Scholars on these dates and students and their parents learn firsthand about the admissions process to each university, college life, and the support offered to Twenty-first Century Scholars on campus.

Junior Intensives

Each Regional Office employs a Twenty-first Century Scholar Student Coordinator, who is charged with recruiting eligible students into the program while they are in junior high, and meeting with them once they are enrolled in high school to help keep them on track for college. During their junior year of high school, Twenty-first Century Scholars will have small group or individual meetings with their student coordinator to complete junior intensives. The purpose of these meetings, which are held in the high schools, is to inform Scholars about the college admissions process. Topics include ACT and SAT preparation and registration, college application procedures and deadlines, and staying on track to receive your Twenty-first Century Scholarship.

Senior Exit Interviews

During their senior year, scholars will meet with their student coordinator to complete senior exit interviews. The purpose of the senior exit is to make sure that Scholars understand what they must do during their final year to enroll in college and maintain eligibility to receive their Twenty-first Century Scholarship. During your senior exit, your student coordinator will provide you with an affirmation form, which you must complete and sign with a parent in order to receive your Scholarship. By doing this, you affirm that you honored your Twenty-first Century Scholar Pledge. In addition, the student coordinator will talk about important deadlines and procedures for completing the FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). All Twenty-first Century Scholars must complete the FASFA by March 10 of their senior year in high school to maintain eligibility to receive their Twenty-first Century Scholarship.