Support for IUB 21st Century Scholars

This section of the website provides resources, information and support for 21st Century Scholars currently enrolled on the Bloomington Campus of Indiana University. Along with our partners in the Office of Mentoring Services and Leadership Development (OMSLD), the IUB 21st Century Scholars Office provides 21st Century Scholars with a wide variety of programs and services including academic tutoring, peer mentoring, and workshops ranging from financial aid to overseas study. We also connect Scholars with other programs and services throughout campus, with the ultimate goal of helping them be successful students at Indiana University.


Whether you are an incoming freshman or a senior getting ready to graduate with a four-year degree, OMSLD and the 21st Century Scholars Program have a workshop for you.  A sample of workshop topics include transitioning from high school to college, understanding  21st Century Scholarship and Covenant, living on a college budget, developing leadership skills,  studying overseas, and applying to graduate school. Click here to see a list of OMSLD/21st Century Scholar workshops and information sessions for the spring 2012 term.

If there is a specific topic that you are interested in that is not represented on the calendar, let us know by emailing or calling 812-856-1910, and we will do what we can to get it on the schedule.

FASE Mentoring

Part of the Office of Mentoring Services and Leadership Development, the Faculty and Staff for Student Excellence (FASE) Mentoring Program connects Indiana University Freshmen with upperclassmen Peer Mentors. Once matched with a mentor, freshmen students—or protégés—will be able to schedule one-on-one meetings with their mentor to help guide them through their first critical year of college. In addition, protégés will have an opportunity to participate in FASE Mentoring events, including free etiquette dinners, bowling, and the homecoming pre-tailgate party. FASE participants can also become leaders in the program as they have the opportunity to be appointed as peer mentors during their sophomore year. To find out more about the FASE mentoring program or to access online Protégé or Mentor applications, go to

Academic Support

In addition to offering Scholars free workshops on developing good study skills and providing access to the FASE Academic Advisor, the IUB 21st Century Scholars Office can connect Scholars with free one-on-one tutoring in entry level math and science courses through our volunteer tutoring program.  We can also connect you with tutors and workshops offered by other campus programs, such as our DEMA partner, the Academic Support Center, as well as the Student Academic Center. In addition, many academic departments on campus have their own tutoring programs and study tables. Please take a moment to review the websites and resources listed above. If you cannot find the support you are looking for, fill out our volunteer tutor request form, and we will try to connect you with a volunteer tutor.

Student/Faculty Networking Dinners

In an effort to connect Scholars to faculty on campus, the IUB 21st Century Scholars Office sponsors fall and spring student/faculty networking dinners. For each dinner, 15 faculty and staff from across campus are invited to have an casual dinner with 20-30 Scholars. These dinners are a great way to meet faculty members in your major and/or areas of interest in a relaxed atmosphere, and start developing connections that can be vital to future success.  Click here to see a list of faculty dinners scheduled for the current academic year. And if you would like to request a specific school or major or nominate a professor to host a future dinner, complete our networking dinner nomination form.

Student Organizations

Student organizations are a great way to get involved on campus and in the community and connect to other students.  With 700+ student organizations on campus, chances are you can find several groups that share your passions and interests. A database of student organizations searchable by category or keywords can be found at    Or you can simply start with a student organization overseen by the 21st Century Scholars Program and the Office of Mentoring Services & Leadership Development!

Scholar Corps

Scholar Corps is a student organization that connects students to volunteer opportunities related to their major and/or interest.  Originally created for and by 21st Century Scholars, Scholar Corps is now open to all undergraduate students attending the Bloomington campus of Indiana University. Scholar Corps provides its members with an opportunity to explore career and personal interests and enrich their educational experience through volunteering. In addition, Scholar Corps provides members with a forum to develop leadership and organizational skills, helps build a sense of community among volunteers, and fosters friendships between Scholars and other students on campus. Both group and individual volunteer opportunities are available through Scholar Corps, and Scholar Corps will even track and certify your volunteer hours for you.  Since it began in the spring 2009 semester, Scholar Corps volunteers have logged over 3,795 hours of service on campus in and in the Bloomington community. To find out more or to join, go to

Men of Color Leadership Institute

The Men of Color Leadership Institute (MOCLI) promotes African American, Asian American, and Latino and Native American men by empowering them with the skills and knowledge needed to foster academic success and improve personal achievement by influencing leadership through representing unity and a commitment to a collective betterment of humankind. Its objectives are to:
  • heighten the awareness of the resources available to men of color at IU and in the Bloomington community
  • gain a deeper understanding of the issues and concerns that confront men of color
  • enhance and develop men of color into responsible and accountable students
  • identify appropriate intervention strategies to assist in the academic, social, and moral success of men of color on this campus
  • connect men of color to faculty and staff of color for the purpose of gaining mentoring, guidance, and direction
An MOCLI application form can be found online at

Overseas Study

Every year, the Indiana University Office of Overseas Study Offices coordinates hundreds of Overseas Study programs in dozens of countries and on every continent except Antarctica.   In addition, many of the schools and colleges within the university sponsor their own overseas study programs.

Many Scholars do not realize that their 21st Century Scholarship can be applied toward a variety of study abroad programs. In addition, the 21st Century Scholars Covenant can also be used to pay for study abroad expenses. To learn more about financial aid eligibility for overseas study, please visit
It is more expensive to study overseas than in Bloomington due to extra costs for passports, Visas, airfare, and other incidental expenses incurred while abroad.  Although the 21st Century Scholarship and Covenant can be applied towards IU administered, co-sponsored and departmental programs, the award amounts will still be based on the standard cost of attendance at IU Bloomington and cannot be increased to meet the additional expense of study overseas.

The Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) will adjust financial aid budgets based on the estimated program costs established by the Office of Overseas Study so students can pursue additional scholarships, grants or loans to help pay for the additional costs. For more information on institutional and national grants and scholarships specifically earmarked for study abroad, click here.

Scholars who are interested in overseas study should make an appointment to see an adviser in the Office of Overseas Study or individual school or college if interested in a departmental overseas study program.  Once you have picked out a program that you want to apply to, it is important that you work closely with the Office of Student Financial Assistance to ensure that your 21st Century Scholarship and Covenant (if you are eligible) will apply, and to calculate what your total financial aid package will be, so you can determine if you need to pursue other financial aid resources.

Student Advocacy

The IUB 21st Century Scholars Office is an advocate for Scholars on campus. If a Scholar is having trouble with grades, financial aid, housing, or other issues related to his or her experience at IU, we can act as a liaison between the Scholar and the appropriate university department. If we cannot help, or if we do not know an answer, we will put the Scholar in touch with someone at the University who can.  It is important that you advocate for yourself first by contacting the appropriate campus office. But if you still have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to, or calling 812-856-1910 to schedule a meeting with the Executive Director of the Office of Mentoring Services & Leadership Development, Patrick Smith.