Becoming a Hoosier

This section of the website provides resources and information for Twenty-first Century Scholars who are either high school or transfer students interested in attending the Bloomington campus of Indiana University.

Applying to IU

It's never too early to start thinking about your college journey. As a 21st Century Scholar interested in attending Indiana University Bloomington, the first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the Indiana University Bloomington Office of Admissions website. This will be a great resource to learn more about IU, the admission standards, student support and tips on the application process. The sooner you understand what IU has to offer and what its admission standards and deadlines are, the sooner you can start positioning yourself to be a strong candidate.

It’s important to remember that you must meet the same admission standards and application deadlines as any other student applying to IU, but 21st Century Scholars do receive some benefits from the university to help them through the admission process. These benefits are listed below. Please refer to this page for IU deadlines and priority dates.

Submitting Your Application

For 21st Century Scholars emerging out of high school, Indiana University waives the $60 application fee. However, the application fee is not waived for Scholars who are transferring from another college or university. High school students will have a chance to indicate that they are 21st Century Scholars when they complete the online admission application. As long as they do so, they will not be asked to pay the $60 application fee. If you come to a prompt asking you to pay the $60 application fee to have your application submitted, do not pay it! Instead contact the 21st Century Scholars Office so that we can help you resolve the issue.

Accepting Admissions to Indiana University

Admitted students will receive an email from the Admissions Office, congratulating them on their admission to IU and listing useful links with information on everything from financial aid to housing to New Student Orientation. This email is sent to the email address that you listed when you completed your admission application. In addition, a congratulatory letter is sent out via U.S. mail. This letter has more specific information related to 21st Century Scholars, including links to information on the Twenty-first Century Scholarship Covenant, and lists the next steps you need to take to accept your admission to Indiana University

To reserve their seat at the university, most students must complete an Intent to Enroll Form online and pay a $100 enrollment deposit. However, 21st Century Scholars are not required to pay the enrollment deposit and only need to complete the intent to enroll form online. 21st Scholars completing the intent to enroll form will have an opportunity to indicate their status as Scholars and they will not be asked to pay the $100 deposit.

Applying for Housing

Once you have been admitted to Indiana University and completed your Intent to Enroll Form, your next step is to complete your housing application. Unless they meet specific exemptions, all freshmen are required to live on campus during their first year. All the information you need to understand your housing options and the application process are available on the Residential Programs and Services (RPS) website. Please make sure you have a good understanding of your housing options and the cost associated with each before you apply for housing. Also, take some time to understand how the different costs associated with housing and meal plan choices work with your financial aid, and the 21st Century Scholarship Covenant (if you are eligible to receive it.)

The housing application can only be completed online. The Office of Admissions shares the list of 21st Century Scholars with RPS so that they can identify you in their system. If you are a 21st Century Scholar completing your senior year of high school, you will not be asked to pay the $300 housing application fee. Instead, you will be given the option to have $200 deferred to your fall Bursar’s account. If you are asked to pay the fee before your application has been submitted, it means RPS does not have you in their system as a 21st Century Scholar. Should this occur, do not pay the application fee. Instead, contact the 21st Century Scholars Office, who will verify your status in the program and work with RPS to have you entered in their system as a Twenty-first Century Scholar.

New Student Orientation

After you have submitted your housing application, your next step is to sign up for New Student Orientation.  New Student Orientation is your first step in getting off to a good start at Indiana University and is required for all new students, with separate programs for transfer students and first-time freshman.

New Student Orientation is run through the Office of First Year Experience Programs (FYE), and in February the FYE Guide is mailed out to all students who have completed an intent to Enroll Form. In March, students are sent the FYE New Student Orientation invitation. This is a hard copy publication with a call to action for students to visit the FYE website and actually make their reservation for New Student Orientation.

Please note: the orientation fees are not waived for 21st Century Scholars, but the fees can be charged to your fall Bursars bill account.

Activating Your Scholarship

In order to activate their Twenty-first Century Scholarship, Scholars who are in their senior year of high school must complete an affirmation form, which affirms that they have honored their pledge. The affirmation form must be received by the state office by March 10 of your senior year in high school, or you will lose your Scholarship. There are now two ways to complete the affirmation form. Scholars may complete a paper form and sign it along with a parent or legal guardian and mail it to the state 21st Scholars Office. They may also complete the affirmation form online. Paper applications are available through your Regional 21st Century Scholar Office. Scholars wishing to complete the affirmation form online can do so by following the directions below.

Scholars should identify the college they plan to attend on both the FAFSA Form and eStudent system. Link to eStudent .

Submitting an Online Affirmation Form

Please click here for more information on submitting your 21st Century Scholar Affirmation Form by March 10 of your senior year of high school. In addition, to activate the 21st Century Scholarship, Scholars and their parents or legal guardians must complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) by March 10 of their senior year in high school and make any corrections/updates to the FASFA by May 15 in order to get any state financial aid, including the 21st Century Scholarship. Your Regional 21st Century Scholars Office can guide you through completing your affirmation and submitting your FASFA.

Please note, even if you do not intend to use your 21st Century Scholarship immediately after graduating high school, you must complete your affirmation and file your FASFA by Mach 10 of your senior year in high school, or you will lose your Scholarship forever.

The 21st Century Scholarship Covenant

If you meet all of the requirements to receive your 21st Century Scholarship, the state of Indiana will cover the costs of tuition and the following mandatory fees: activity, student health, technology and transportation for up to 4 years. However, tuition makes up less than half of the costs to attend college. Other expenses such as books and room & board are not covered by the 21st Century Scholarship.

To help 21st Century Scholars meet these additional expenses, Indiana University Bloomington launched the 21st Century Scholarship Covenant Program in 2007.  The 21st Century Scholarship Covenant at IUB will supplement the 21st Century Scholarship to assist with budgeted direct costs (room, board, books) up to the remaining direct costs financial need as defined by the state grant to cover the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

To be eligible for the 21st Century Scholarship Covenant, Scholars must be admitted and begin enrollment as first-time freshmen at IU Bloomington for the fall semester immediately following their senior year of high school, and must receive the 21st Century Scholars award during their freshman year.  There is no separate application to apply for the 21st Century Scholarship Covenant.  Scholars who follow all steps meet the eligibility requirements for the Covenant are automatically considered for the award. Transfer students and students who do not maintain continuous enrollment at IU Bloomington are not eligible to receive the Covenant award.

The amount of the Covenant award can vary depending on the amount of other gift aid that a Scholar receives, and his or her estimated family contribution (EFC) as determined by the FASFA.  The Office of Student Financial Assistance sends out award letters to freshmen in April and to returning students in June, which provides an estimated breakdown of all of the types of aid they are eligible to receive including the Covenant award.

Using Covenant Funds for Books

At the beginning of the fall and spring terms, your financial aid will be credited to your Bursar bill. Once your Bursar balance is paid, any remaining financial aid funds will be refunded to you to use for purchasing books or other educational expenses. Please note: books cannot be charged to your Bursar’s account, so students who want to purchase books before they receive a refund check, may have to pay for books using their own funds. Students who sign up for Direct Deposit of Bursar Refunds (via Onestart) receive their refunds much faster.