Spring 2013 Workshops

Overseas Study and the 21st Century Scholarship
Thursday, January 24, 5:30-6:30 pm
Leo R. Dowling International Center at 111 S. Jordan Ave.
Indiana University offers hundreds of Oversea Study programs to its students, but a low percentage of 21st Century Scholars take advantage of these opportunities. Come join professionals and students from the Office of Overseas study and learn how you can research and apply for and oversea program that works for you. You will also learn how your 21st Century Scholarship and the 21st Century Scholarship Covenant be applied toward many oversea study programs, and learn about other grant and scholarship opportunities that can help you fund an oversea trip.

Faculty, Staff and Student Networking Dinner
Monday, January 28, 6-8 pm
Opie Taylor’s Restaurant, 110 North Walnut Street

Each year the Office of 21st Century Scholars hosts a free Faculty, Staff and Student Networking dinner at Opie Taylor's.  This event is designed to give 21st Century Scholars an opportunity to meet faculty and staff members from a wide range of departments in a more relaxed setting in order to help the 21st Century Scholar students feel more comfortable in reaching out and seeking advice and counsel from season members of our faculty and staff. 

Target Corporate Recruiting
Friday, February 1, 5-7 pm

U-Club President’s Room

FASE Peer Mentor Call-Out
Tuesday, February 12, 6:30-7:30 pm
IMU Dogwood Room
FASE is a campus organization for students, by students.  That means that there are students who help run this organization by mentoring other students.  We are actively looking for those student mentors.  An ideal candidate is a current freshman who has the potential to mentor next year as a sophomore and in their remaining years at IUB.  However, we accept--and currently have--mentors from all different majors, interests and ages.  If you are interested in mentoring freshman--whether it be in academics, their social life at IU or with advice in how to succeed in college--and building your resume, then contact the Office of Mentoring Services & Leadership Development to learn more.

FASFA Information Session
Monday, February 21, 5-6 pm
Eigenmann Hall Game Room

In order to receive your 21st Century Scholarship, you and your parents must file your FASFA by March 10 and make all corrections/updates by May 15. Missing these deadlines is one of the most common reasons that 21st Century Scholars lose their Scholarships. For this information session, professionals from the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) will provide you with step by step instructions for completing your FASFA, and help you avoid common errors students commit while completing their FASFAs.

Summer School Information Session
Tuesday, March 5, 6-7 pm
Eigenmann Hall Game Room

This two part information session will be the nuts and bolts of enrolling in summer classes either at IU Bloomington or back at your home institution and provide information on the types of summer aid available. Session I (from 5-6 pm) is reserved for freshmen, while session II (6-7 pm) is reserved for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

FAB Birthday Themed Spring Bowling
Thursday, March 21, 6-8 pm
IMU Back Alley

Happy Birthday! Take a break and come celebrate everyone's birthday in the Back Alley. There will of course be birthday cake and refreshments.  Bring your "A" game. 

OMSLD Recognition Ceremony
Thursday, April 11, 6-8 pm
Kelley Dining Room @ DeVault Alumni Center

Come join us in recognizing and sending off our senior Scholars one last time before they take what they learned here from IU and the Office of 21st Century Scholars into the real world.