The Twenty-first Century Scholarship Covenant

As long as you have met all requirements to activate your Twenty-first Century Scholarship, the state of Indiana will pay 100% of your tuition and mandatory fees for up to 8 semesters at Indiana University. However, tuition makes up less than half the cost of college attendance. Other expenses including room and board and books are not covered by the State Twenty-first Century Scholarship.

To help Twenty-first Century Scholars meet these additional expenses, Indiana University Bloomington launched the Twenty-first Century Scholarship Covenant Program in 2007. The Twenty-first Century Scholarship Covenant is designed to meet the unmet financial need of eligible Twenty-first Century Scholars enrolled at IUB.

To be eligible for the Twenty-first Century Scholarship Covenant, Scholars must enroll at Bloomington campus of Indiana University the fall after graduating from high school, and must have done everything necessary to receive the Twenty-first Century Scholarship from the state of Indiana. Transfer students and students who do not maintain continuous enrollment at IU Bloomington cannot receive Covenant funds.

The amount of Covenant money eligible Scholars receive can vary greatly depending on amount of grants and scholarships that a Scholar receives, and his or her estimated family contribution (EFC) as determined by their FASFA. The Office of Student Financial Assistance typically sends out award letters to admitted Scholars in May or June, which provide a breakdown of all the types of aid they are eligible for and an estimate of the amount of their Covenant award should they chose to attend Indiana University Bloomington.

How can I use Covenant funds and other aid to pay for my books and other expenses?

At the beginning of the fall and spring terms, the OFSA will apply any financial aid that you are eligible for toward your Bursar charges, including your housing deposit, room and board, orientation fees, etc. Once your Bursar balance is paid in full, any remaining financial aid funds will be refunded to you. Please note: books cannot be charged to your Bursar’s account, so students who want to purchase books before they receive a refund check pay for initially pay for books using their own funds. If you are eligible for Covenant money to pay for books, you will be reimbursed through your refund check at the beginning of each semester.