New in the Galleries

Ancient Glass
Gallery of the Arts of Asia and the Ancient Western World, second floor
The display of ancient glass has been expanded this summer to include additional examples from the IU Art Museum collection. Most of the pieces are Roman and date from the first to the fourth centuries CE, but they reflect a glass-making tradition that stretches to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. While the new installation focuses on the many ways that glass was used in the ancient world, a multitude of shapes, colors, and techniques will also be explored.

A Feast for the Eyes: Weston’s Produce Pictures
July 1–December 21, 2014
Gallery of the Art of the Western World, Doris Steinmetz Kellett Endowed Gallery of Twentieth-Century Art, first floor
California-based modernist photographer Edward Weston shocked the art world in the 1920s with his close-ups of fruits and vegetables. With his crisp formalism and rich tonal printing, the simplest everyday objects became surprisingly sensual and evocative.

In Imitation of the Master
August 26, 2014–January 31, 2015
Gallery of the Art of the Western World, first floor
Three prints by the great German printmaker Albrecht Dürer and copies by later artists Hieronymous Hopfer, Johann Mommard, and Jan Wierix are featured. By comparing the variations with the originals, we see the skill of the master and the innovations of the follower.