Indiana University Art Museum Pictures America: Cliff

Explore the image Cliff created by H. C. Westermann in 1971

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Questions to Consider [show/hide]

Title: Cliff
Artist: H. C. Westermann
Date: 1971

  1. What sort of setting does the background depict?
  2. What information can you glean from looking closely at the silver person?
  3. What sort of qualities would you expect a cowboy to have?
  4. What is the mood of this scene?
  5. Create a narrative from the details of the scene.
  6. The silver cowboy figure is actually a chrome-plated hood ornament and the background is a painting by Westermann’s wife, Joanna. How do these inclusions affect your interpretation?

Roll your mouse over this image, and you’ll find 4 interesting bits of information. These will help you answer the Questions to Consider.

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