Portraiture and the Royal Cult Old Gods, New uises Materials, Style, and Technique



Written by Adriana Calinescu, The Thomas T. Solley Curator of Ancient Art

This web presentation was produced in conjunction with the special exhibition, Egypt after Alexander: Art under the Greeks and Romans, Indiana University Art Museum, Special Exhibitions Gallery, March 27 through May 30, 2004. The production of this module made possible with support from the Thomas T. Solley Endowment for the Curator of Ancient Art.

The objects illustrated in web module will return to view in the museum's second-floor Gallery of Ancient and Asian Art at the close of the special exhibition.

Design: Katy Dolk Ellis
Photography: Michael Cavanagh and Kevin Montague
Timeline: Soontira Sutanont
Editing: Linda Baden

©2004. Indiana University Art Museum. All rights reserved.



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