EGYPT After Alexander
Portraiture and the Royal Cult Old Guises, New Guises Material, Style and Tecniques
Art under the Greeks and Romans
Egypt's old traditions enthralled the Greeks. As children, they learned verses from Homer about Egypt’s fabled land in the heroic age. The Greeks came in contact with Egyptian cities in various ways: as sailors, soldiers, merchants, mercenaries in the Egyptian army, settlers looking for work, and as scholars in search of ancient learning or travelers who sought to acquaint themselves with the Egyptian religion, customs, and art. Greeks fought alongside Egyptians against the Persians.

It is not surprising therefore that, in the fall of 332 B.C., the Egyptians hailed twenty-four-year-old Alexander the Great and his army of some forty thousand Macedonians and Greeks as liberators from Persian rule. The meeting between the ancient Egyptian pharaonic traditions and the Greek Hellenistic culture imposed by Alexander’s successor, Ptolemy, and his ensuing dynasty, would have a lasting impact.

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