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If you are using the application and have a question call: 1-866-384-9062. A support representative will be happy to assist you.
Dear IU Student!

This year, as part of our comprehensive alcohol prevention program, Indiana University requires each member of the first-year class to complete AlcoholEdu for College – an online, non-opinionated alcohol prevention program. Used on over 500 campuses nationwide, the course uses science-based research to educate students about alcohol and its effects. Whether you drink or not, AlcoholEdu for College will empower you to make well-informed decisions about alcohol and help you better cope with the drinking behavior of your peers.

The course has two sections, both of which must be completed:

• Part 1 of the course takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete, and we recommend that you take it in multiple sittings. This part ends after Survey 2 and the Exam. You must earn a grade of 75% or higher to pass and receive credit for the course. The deadline to finish Part 1 is August 22, 2008.
• About 45 Days after you complete Part 1, you will receive an email asking you to complete Part 2, a short follow-up survey. The deadline to complete Part 2 is October 10, 2008.

It is very important to note that both Part 1 and 2 are required to be completed. Failure to complete both portions will result in an inability to register for courses for the second semester at IU. Please finish the course as soon as you receive your email reminder!

The course includes three surveys that measure alcohol-related attitudes and behaviors. All survey responses are strictly confidential; the school will only receive information about the student body as a whole and will never see individual students’ answers.

To begin AlcoholEdu for College:

1. Go to and click on the "for students" link under "Getting Started".

2. On the next page you will be asked to agree to participate in a study being conducted on AlcoholEdu. After reading this short form, you can provide your consent at the bottom of the page.

3. Sign in, using your IU user name and password. You will be redirected to AlcoholEdu.

4. You may log in and out of the course at the end of each section. Section ends are marked with a “Next” button. DO NOT log out until you click the “Next” button or you will have to repeat the section you have just gone through.

5. To log back into your account, always access AlcoholEdu from the IU Web site

For LOGIN problems please use the link provided on the sign-in page.

For ALL OTHER AlcoholEdu technical issues click on the "Technical Help" button located in the upper right-hand corner of every AlcoholEdu for College screen (available 24/7) or call AlcoholEdu tech support at 1-866-384-9062.

Thank you, welcome to IU, and enjoy the course!


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