Study Design - Meet with us early in your study development and we'll help you set up your project, including hypothesis clarification, design details, analysis plan, random selection of subjects, etc.

Grant Preparation - If your study design is for a grant submission, we can help you write a statistical methods section including Power and Sample Size calculations. An ISCC statistician may also be written into the grant budget to perform data analysis once the grant is in effect.

Data Analysis - There are multiple ways ISCC can guide you as you perform your data analysis.

  • Creating an analysis plan of appropriate methods and tests
  • Importing data into statistical software and setting up the data for analysis
  • Showing you how to perform the analyses in your software
  • Interpreting output and reporting results

Presentation & Manuscript Preparation - ISCC can help you prepare results for presentation to your research community. This may include a doctoral dissertation, conference presentation, or journal manuscript.

  • Creating a clear write-up of your statistical methods and results
  • Reviewing a draft of your manuscript before submission
  • Evaluating and responding to comments you have received back from reviewers

Note: Services are provided for all IU research, such as, publications, grants and dissertations. ISCC is not able to provide statistics tutoring or help with coursework.

Basic Support

There is no charge to IU faculty, staff, or students for "light" consultation and assistance. This usually includes an hour-long consultation with possible follow-up discussions or analyses either in person or via e-mail. Free support is limited to four hours of a consultant's time per semester.

Funded Collaboration

Researchers can recruit an ISCC statistician to engage in a project more fully by providing funding for appropriate personnel. Collaboration with ISCC can range from a short-term analysis to a long-term member of your team. Support can be provided by writing a statistician (or ISCC) into your grant, or contracting for a number of hours.

For IU researchers, the rate for a consultant's time (beyond the initial four free hours) is $45/hour, payable through transfer from an IU research account (or from a student's Bursar account).

For external nonprofit clients (universities, government, etc), the rate is $60/hour.

For external for-profit clients, the rate is $75/hour.

Please contact us to discuss your project!