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Books & Links

These are some of our most referenced books and links...<under construction>


General Stats

An Introduction to Statistical Inference and Its Applications with R - Michael Trosset

Data Analysis Using SAS - Joanne Peng

Discovering Statistics Using SPSS - Andy Field

Specific Methods

Regression Models for Categorical Dependent Variables Using Stata - Scott Long

Hierarchical Linear Models - Raudenbush & Bryk

Applied Logistic Regression - Hosmer & Lemeshow

An Introduction to the Bootstrap - Efron & Tibshirani

By Field of Study

A Guide to Doing Statistics in Second Language Research Using SPSS - Jenifer Larson-Hall


General Stats

UCLA Statistical Computing -

Statistical Associates Publishers, by G. David Garson -

Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis (SISA)-

Specific Methods

Chi-square tests online -

Mediation Analysis, by David Kenny -

Effect Sizes -

Power & Sample Size, by Russ Lenth -


APA Statistics -

APA Tables -