Time & Place

Stats consulting is primariliy done in Woodburn 200 in the SSRC (Social Science Research Commons).

The SSRC is on the 2nd floor in Room 200. ISCC consultants sit in the last two alcoves on the right.

Hours are 9 to 12, Monday to Friday. Please contact us to schedule a visit.


Michael Trosset
Executive Director, Professor & Chair of Department of Statistics

Michael joined the faculty of the Department of Statistics in 2006 and became the director of the newly formed ISCC soon after. He received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, and brings expertise in tehcniques for Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) and Optimization.

Stephanie Dickinson
Managing Director, Senior Consultant

Stephanie began her career at Ohio State, after graduating with her Master's degree in 2001, by working at the OSU Center for Biostatistics and Comprehensive Cancer Center. She also gained experience at Statistics Collaborative in Washington, DC, before joining ISCC on the ground level as it's first full-time consultant in 2007.

Michael Frisby
Statistical Consultant

Michael completed his Master's degree at Michigan State just before starting at ISCC in the Summer of 2014. He brings experience from the Center for Statistical Training and Consulting at MSU, where he developed expertise in Structural Equation Models (SEM), among other things, while consulting with researchers in Education.

Wes Beaulieu
Statistical Consultant

Wes brings specialized expertise from Biology as he is wrapping up his PhD in Evolution, Ecology & Behavior Program (Fall 2014). He worked as an intern at the ISCC and completed the Master's of Applied Statistics program in the Spring before starting as a full-time consultant in the Summer of 2014.

Hannah Bolte
Statistical Consultant/Business Administrator

Hannah started her work at ISCC as an Intern in Spring 2014, while completing the Master's of Statistical Science program. In addition to her role consulting and supervising ISCC students, she uses her background with Business Administration to coordinate ISCC logistics and finances.


Hiroki Naganobori
Consulting Associate

Hiroki is pursuing his doctorate in Kinesiology along with the Masters of Applied Statistics degree. Some of his specialties include Bayesian analyses and Network graphs along with R code and graphics.


Ian Anson
Consulting Associate

Ian is a doctoral candidate in the department of political science, with a concentration in American politics. He joined ISCC in 2014 while completing a MS degree in Applied Statistics, and leverages experience gained through freelance statistical consulting to provide assistance to clients with diverse research interests. Ian is the primary STATA user in the ISCC group.


Lilian Golzarri Arroyo
Consulting Associate

Lilian is working with the ISCC while completing her MS of Statistical Science degree in Spring 2015. She enjoys applying statistical methods to a wide range of projects. Her primary programming language is R, while she is also comfortable using SPSS.

Consulting Interns

We are also pleased to have 9 Consulting Interns working at ISCC this Spring. This is a mutually beneficial process where clients receive free help and assistance on their projects, and the interns get experience on real-world projects to receive course credit towards their Master's degree in Statistics.

Spring 2015 interns:

  • Dora Dong
  • Lilian Golzarri Arroyo
  • Devon Hardman
  • Yuqing (Kate) Jiao
  • Junmin Lee
  • Joseph Leeer
  • Wei Xiao
  • Seung (Sunny) Yeon
  • Hyun-Jung (Elle) Yoon
  • Jinming Zhang