ISCC consultants are available for consulting from 9 to 12, Monday to Friday. Please contact us to schedule a visit.


Stats consulting is primariliy done in Woodburn 200 in the SSRC (Social Science Research Commons).

Woodburn Hall is at 1100 East 7th Street, just east of the IMU, across from the IU Art museum.

The SSRC is on the 2nd floor in Room 200. ISCC consultants sit in the last two alcoves on the right.


Michael Trosset (+), Professor of Statistics, Executive Director

Stephanie Dickinson (+), Senior Consultant & Managing Director

Michael Frisby (+), Statistical Consultant/Lecturer

Wes Beaulieu (+), Statistical Consultant/Lecturer

Hannah Bolte (+), Statistical Consultant/Lecturer

Summer Interns: Fan Huang, Zhili Xu, Yang Zhou