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Since its official approval in June 2000, the Institute has continued to expand its research program in the structural elucidation of mammalian pheromones and the molecular mechanisms of their reception at target tissues (olfactory epithelium and the vomeronasal organ). The interdisciplinary network within the Chemistry Department and interactions with the outside collaborators are vital to success of our efforts.

We have continued our program in the areas of

  • structural elucidation of mammalian pheromones in different rodent species (mice, rats and hamsters);
  • studies of pheromone binding to the recombinant versions of major urinary proteins of the house mouse — thermodynamic aspects
  • X-ray crystallographic studies of the pheromone-protein complexes
  • structural characterization of glycosylated proteins isolated form the vomeronasal organ of the house mouse
  • calcium imaging mapping of the responses of major olfactory neurons due to pheromones.

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