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Primary Documents in the IMH

Throughout its century-long history, the IMH has published a wide variety of primary sources--letters, diaries, memoirs, and similar materials.

We are now placing these "voices from the past" online for the use of interested readers. Organized according to the categories below, these documents will appear through links to the Indiana Magazine of History Online; each is accompanied by a short summary, a selection of highlights, and bibliographic information. Credit for abstracting each of the articles goes to various IMH staff members (Dawn E. Bakken, Donna Drucker, Cynthia Gwynne Yaudes) and student interns (Elizabeth Sloan, Alison Hamm, Kelly Jones and Ben Church).

We encourage you to consult our user's guide for assistance in exploring these primary resources


Native Americans, 1730-1845
Revolution & Founding, 1754-1801
Tippecanoe & War of 1812, 1811-1814
Pioneers & Development, 1816-1850
Transportation & Travel, 1820-1850
Mexican War, 1846-1848
California Gold Rush, 1849, 1859
Civil War (Soldiers) 1861-1865
The Twenties & Thirties, 1919-1939
World War II, 1939-1945


In the future, you may look forward to documents concerning the following topics.

From Territory to State, 1787-1816
Frontier Education, 1820-1850
Frontier Religion, 1820-1850
Civil War (Political/Social) 1850-1865
Gilded Age Politics/Agriculture, 1870-1900
World War I, 1914-1918
Progressive Era, 1897-1920


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