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VOLUME 106, 2010: Table of Contents

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    "Worse Than Vallandigham: Governor Oliver P. Morton, Lambdin P. Milligan, and the Military Arrest and Trial of Indiana State Senator Alexander J. Douglas During the Civil War," by Stephen E. Towne

    "Uneasy Alliances: Hull House, the Garmet Workers Strikes, and the Jews of Chicago," by Susan Roth Breitzer

    "'Building for a life-time of research': Letters of Alfred Kinsey and Ralph Voris," by Donna J. Drucker

    Book Reviews

    Lantzer, "Prohibition Is Here to Stay": The Reverend Edward S. Schumaker and the Dry Crusade in America, by Allen Safianow

    Hiller, The Hoosier Cabinet in Kitchen History, by Elizabeth Collins Cromley

    Otto and Redmond, eds., Transitions: Archaic and Early Woodland Research in the Ohio Country, by Timothy E. Baumann

    Gold, Democracy in Session: A History of the Ohio General Assembly, by John M. Wegner

    Foner, ed., Our Lincoln: New Perspectives on Lincoln and His World, by Charles M. Hubbard

    Anderson, Industrializing the Corn Belt: Agriculture, Technology, and Environment, 1945-1972, by Paul Conkin

    Conkin, A Revolution Down on the Farm: The Transformation of American Agriculture since 1929, by R. Douglas Hurt

    Fosl and K'Meyer, Freedom on the Border: An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky, by Anne M. Valk

    Kohn and Montell, Always a People: Oral Histories of Contemporary Woodland Indians and Brown and Kohn eds., Long Journey Home: Oral Histories of Contemporary Delaware Indians, by Jennifer S. Brown

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    "Launching a Political Career: Paul V. McNutt and the American Legion, 1919-1932," by Dean J. Kotlowski

    "Re-evaluating 'The Fort-Wayne Manuscript': William Wells and the Manners and Customs of the Miami Nation," by William Heath

    "Tales of the Tribe of Ishmael: A Research Note," by Brian Siegel

    Book Reviews

    Perry, T.C. Steele and the Society of Western Artists, 1896-1914, by Erika Doss

    Bushnell, Hard News, Heartfelt Opinions: A History of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, by Christine K. Erickson

    Witte and Gallagher, eds., The North American Journals of Prince Maximilian of Wied, Volume I, May 1832-April 1833 by Ginette Aley

    Metzger and Bobel,eds., Canal Fever: The Ohio & Erie Canal from Waterway to Canalway, by R. Ralph D. Gray

    Jakle and Sculle, America's Main Street Hotels: Transiency and Community in the Early Auto Age, by Richard Longstreth

    Review Notices


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    "Introduction: Improving Hoosiers: Indiana the Wide Scope of American Eugenics" by Alexandra Minna Stern, guest editor

    "Indiana's Public Health Pioneer and History's Iron Pen: Recollecting the Professional Idealism of John N. Hurty, 1896-1925" by Jennifer Burek Pierce

    "'What Indiana Can Do': The Influence of Female Field Workers on the Indiana Committee on Mental Defectives, 1915-1924," by Kendra Clauser-Roemer

    "Education in the Name of 'Improvement': The Influence of Eugenic Thought and Practice in Indiana's Public Schools, 1900-1930," by Robert Osgood

    Book Reviews

    Deutsch, Inventing America's 'Worst' Family: Eugenics, Islam, and the Fall and Rise of the Tribe of Ishmael; and the ismaeLites, Comin' Home to Indiana, by Elsa F. Kramer

    McShane and Wilk, Steel Giants: Historic Images from the Calumet Regional Archives, by Paul O'Hara

    Gehring, Red Skeleton: the Mask Behind the Mask, by Andra St. Ivanyi

    Glenn and Rafert, The Native Americans, by Christina Snyder

    Materson, For the Freedom of her Race: Black Women and Electoral Politics in Illinois, 1877-1932, by Kristi Anderson

    Johnson, Feminist Frontiers: Women Who Shaped the Midwest, by Donna J. Drucker

    Taillon, Good, Reliable, White Men: Railroad Brotherhoods, 1877-1917, by Jon Huibregste

    Igo, The Average American: Surveys, Citizens, and the Making of a Mass Public, by Doris A. Graber

    Knerr, Suburban Steel: The Magnificent Failure of the Lustron Corporation, 1945-1951, by Nicholas Dagen Bloom

    Hagopian, The Vietnam War in American Memory: Veterans, Memorials, and the Politics of Healing, by Kirk Savage

    Review Notices


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    "A Passionate Missionary to the West: Charles Beecher in Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1844-1850," by Peggy Seigel

    "The Indiana Seminary Charter of 1820," by Howard F. McMains

    "The Klan's Retribution Against an Indiana Editor: A Reconsideration," by Ron F. Smith

    Book Reviews

    Gordon, The Negro in South Bend: A Social Study and The Quest of Restless Souls, by Jake Mattox

    Freeberg, Democracy's Prisoner: Eugene V. Debs, the Great War, and the Right to Dissent, by Gary L. Bailey

    Roznowski, An American Hometown: Terre Haute, Indiana, 1927, by Michael Martone

    Hammel, The Bill Cook Story, by Morton J. Marcus

    Gehring, Steve McQueen: The Great Escape, 1877-1932, by Andra St. Ivanyi

    Breen, American Insurgents, American Patriots: The Revolution of the People, and Smith-Rosenberg, This Violent Empire: The Birth of an American National Identity, by Konstantin Dierks

    Hedeen, Big Bone Lick: The Cradle of American Paleontology, by Keith Thomsom

    Greene, Horses at Work: Harnessing Power in Industrial America, by Margaret E. Derry

    Schwalm, Emancipation's Diaspora: Race and Reconstruction in the Upper Midwest, by Nikki Taylor

    Wood, Lynching and Spectacle: Witnessing Racial Violence in America, by Shannon Smith Bennett

    Tichi, Civic Passions: Seven Who Launched Progressive Violence in America, 1890-1940, by Mina Carson

    Broven, Record Makers and Breakers: Voices of Independent Rock 'n' Roll Pioneers, by Glenn C. Altschuler

    Moore, Understanding Jonestown and Peoples Temple, by Kathryn Lofton

    Churchill, To Shake Their Gun in the Tyrant's Face: Libertarian Political Violence and the Origins of the Militia Movement, by Brian Doherty

    An IMH for Teachers Review

    Glenn and Rafert, The Native Americans, by Todd C. Ream, Luke Nelson, and Aaron Morrison



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