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100, 2004   

VOLUME 100, 2004

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Editor's Note


"'A Great and Good People': Midwestern Quakers and the Struggle Against Slavery," by Thomas D. Hamm, April Beckman, Marissa Florio, Kirsti Giles, and Marie Hopper

"Violence, Masculinity, Image, and Reality on the Antebellum Frontier," by Ryan L. Dearinger

"Bringing Research to the General Public: Results of the 2003 Indiana Magazine of History's Readers' Survey," by Keith A. Erekson

Book Reviews

Hughes and Whitney, Jefferson Davis in Blue: The Life of Sherman's Relentless Warrior, by William Harris Bragg

Gould, For Gold and Glory: Charlie Wiggins and the African-American Racing Car Circuit, by Mark Tebeau

Foster, American Grit: A Woman's Letters from the Ohio Frontier, by Ginette Aley

Studebaker, Ohio is My Dwelling Place: Schoolgirl Embroideries, 1800-1850, by Patricia Mooney-Melvin

Hilton, Lake Michigan Passenger Steamers, by Steve Harold

Kleber, Thomas D. Clark of Kentucky: An Uncommon Life in the Commonwealth, by Bill Cunningham

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"'You Can't Burn History': Getting Right with the Klan in Noblesville, Indiana," by Allen Safianow

"The State of Public History in Indiana: A Conversation," by David Vanderstel, Reid Williamson, and Sal Cilella

"Ouanga: South Bend, Indiana, and the Premiere of a 20th-Century American Opera," by Wallace M. Cheatham

"Belford 'Sinky' Hendricks: A Musician's Musician," by Stanley Warren

Book Reviews

Taylor, Sisters of the Solid Rock: Edna Mae Barnes Martin and the East Side Christian Center, by Daphne L. Cunningham

Henderson, On the Banks of the Wabash: The Life and Music of Paul Dresser, by Keith Newlin

Greasley, general ed., Dictionary of Midwestern Literature, Volume One: The Authors, by David J. Nordloh

Wood, Porter, and Hunt, Karl Bodmer's Studio Art, by Rachel Berenson Perry

Hudnut, Halfway to Everywhere: A Portrait of America's First-Tier Suburbs, by Jon C. Teaford

Maynard, Architecture in the United States, 1800-1850, by Carroll William Westfall

Smith, ed., Black Soldiers in Blue: African American Troops in the Civil War Era, by Marvin Fletcher

Cimbala and Miller, eds., An Uncommon Time: The Civil War and the Northern Home Front and Union Soldiers and the Northern Home Front: Wartime Experiences, Postwar Adjustments, by Lyde Cullen Sizer

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"Violence and the Rights of African Americans in Civil War-Era Indiana: The Case of James Hays," by Richard F. Nation

"'Go West, young man! - An Elusive Slogan," by Thomas Fuller

"The Firebombing of the Terre Haute Holocaust Museum: A Hoosier Community Responds to an Assault on Collective Memory" " by William B. Pickett

Book Reviews

Dowd, War Under Heaven: Pontiac, the Indian Nations, and the British Empire,, by Brett Rushforth

Booth, Buckeye Women: The History of Ohio's Daughters, by Virginia R. Boynton

Afinson, The River We Have Wrought: A History of the Upper Mississippi, by Craig E. Colten

Morris, Baseball Fever: Early Baseball in Michigan, by Jeffrey Smith

Williamson, Black Power on Campus: The University of Illinois, 1965-1975, by Sundiata Keita Cha-Jua

Berlin, Generations of Captivity: A History of African-American Slaves, by David Gellman

Logan, The Hour and the Woman: Harriet Martineau's "Somewhat Remarkable" Life, by Joanne Passet

Bohlman and Holzapfel, eds., Land without Nightengales: Music in the Making of German-America,, by Victor Greene

Blight, Beyond the Battlefield: Race, Memory, and the American Civil War, , by Darrel E. Bigham

Marvel, Lee's Last Retreat: the Flight to Appomatox, by Alan T. Nolan

Hall, Performing the American Frontier, 1870-1906, , by Jeffrey D. Mason

Winter, Making Men, Making Class: The YMCA and Workingmen, 1870-1920, by Kenneth Fones-Wolf

Fitzgerald, Every Farm a Factory: The Industrial Ideal in American Agriculture, by Carl E. Kramer

Dubrow and Goodman, eds., Restoring Women's History through Historic Preservation, by Bonnie Stepenoff

Farber, Sloan Rules: Alfred P. Sloan and the Triumph of General Motors, and Rubenstein, Making and Selling Cars: Innovation and Change in the U.S. Automobile Industry, by Robert Buerglener

Ford, America's New Downtowns: Revitalization or Reinvention?, by Jerry Herron

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Editor's Note


"A March of Triumph? Benjamin Harrison's Southern Tour and the Limits of Racial and Regional Reconciliation," by Edward Frantz

"Indiana Archives: African American History," by John M. Glen, Stephen G. McShane, Brenda Nelson-Strauss, Paul C. Heyde, and Wilma L. Gibbs

"Jefferson's 'Empire for Liberty,'" by Bernard W. Sheehan

"'A River of Promise': Historians Reconsider the Missouri River and Its Explorers," by Joseph C. Porter

"The Large Book versus the Small: A Presidential Historian's Consideration of Three Recent Biographies," by Robert H. Ferrell

Book Reviews

Bundles, On Her Own Ground: The Life and Times of Madam C.J. Walker, and Lowry, Her Dream of Dreams: The Rise and Triumph of Madam C.J. Walker, by Gwen Moore

King, From Under the Cloud at the Seven Steeples: The Peculilarly Saddened Life of Anna Agnew in the Indiana Hospital for the Insane, 1878-1885, by James H. Capshew

Baepler, Flame of Faith, Lamp of Learning: A History of Valparaiso University, by Robert Benne

Ade, ed. Meine, Stories of Chicago, by Lisa Krissoff Boehm

Calloway, One Vast Winter Count: The Native American West before Lewis and Clark, by James Alexander Thom

Morgan, Benjamin Franklin, by Sarah Knott

Leonard, The Invention of Party Politics: Federalism, Popular Sovereignty, and Constitutional Development in Jacksonian Illinois, by Matthew N. Vosmeier

Thomas, The Lincoln Memorial and American Life, by Howard Gillette, Jr.

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